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manufactures & distributes packaged food products including snacks, beverages, cheese & chocolates, including Oreos, Cadbury, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Milka & Tang...

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Mondelez Quarterly and Annual Revenue

Trailing 12-Months Trend (TTM)

Annual Revenue


Mondelez's revenue is the ranked 4th among it's top 10 competitors. The top 10 competitors average 33.3B. Over the last four quarters, Mondelez's revenue has grown by 26%. Specifically, in Q1 2023's revenue was $9.2B; in Q4 2022, it was $8.7B; in Q3 2022, it was $7.8B; in Q2 2022, Mondelez's revenue was $7.3B.

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Mondelez Headquarters

905 West Fulton Market Suite 200

Chicago, Illinois60607


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Mondelez International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) manufactures and markets snack food and beverage products worldwide. It is a multinational confectionery, food, and beverage conglomerate based in East Hanover, New Jersey and employs more than 107,000 indiv...


Mondelez's Chairman & CEO, Dirk Van de Put, currently has an approval rating of 72%. Mondelez's primary competitors are Campbell Soup, General Mills, Hershey and 7 more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mondelez

  1. When was Mondelez founded?

    Mondelez was founded in 1903
  2. Who is Mondelez's CEO?

    Mondelez's CEO is Dirk Van de Put
  3. How much revenue does Mondelez generate?

    Mondelez generates $32.9B in revenue
  4. How much funding does Mondelez have?

    Mondelez has historically raised $15.2B in funding
  5. Where is Mondelez's headquarters?

    Mondelez's headquarters is in Chicago Illinois, USA
  1. How many employees does Mondelez have?

    Mondelez has 91,000 employees
  2. What sector does Mondelez operate in?

    Mondelez is in Baked Goods, Frozen & Prepared Foods
  3. Who are Mondelez's competitors?

    Mondelez's top competitors are Campbell Soup, General Mills, Hershey
  4. Who has Mondelez invested in?

    Mondelez's has invested in companies such as Torr, Circulate Capital, UpliftFood

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