Owler is for everyone

  • Customer Success Mgrs

    Provide more value to your accounts

  • Salespeople

    Close more deals

  • Business Development

    Identify new partners

  • Investors

    Drive better returns

  • Recruiters

    Pounce on the top companies

How Owler delivers the goods

  • Daily Snapshot

    A crisp and concise daily email with your industry’s top news

  • Instant Insights

    Discover the most important events like funding and acquisitions

  • Competitive Stats

    See how you stack up against the competition

Owler is a required platform for 1.5 Million+ business professionals including:

  • 96% of the Fortune 500
  • Thousands of startups and SMBs
  • People across every industry
  • Public and private companies

Unique real-time business insights you won’t find anywhere else:

  • 15 Million searchable company profiles
  • 65K unique pieces of company information added each day
  • Estimates on private companies’ revenue, headcount, and likely outcome