SentinelOne Acquisitions

SentinelOne has acquired 2 companies and its latest acquisition was Attivo Networks, Inc. on Mar 2022

Attivo Networks, Inc.

Mar 2022

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Attivo is a California-based cybersecurity platform that provides solutions including endpoint protection and risk reduction for sectors such as retail and energy.
Scalyr, Inc.

Feb 2021

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Scalyr develops a cloud-based data analytics platform that provides log management and server monitoring solutions for enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions about SentinelOne

  1. What companies did SentinelOne acquire?

    Companies acquired by SentinelOne include Attivo and Scalyr
  2. How many acquisitions does SentinelOne have?

    SentinelOne has acquired 2 companies including Attivo and Scalyr.
  1. How many acquisitions did SentinelOne make in 2022?

    In 2022 SentinelOne acquired 1 companies including Attivo.