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Grokker operates an online fitness training platform that enables users to browse and watch various cooking, yoga and fitness videos.

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Lorna Borenstein

Founder & CEO

Lorna Borenstein

Approval Rating: 83/100


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San JoseCalifornia



Industry Sector:

Application Software

Internet Software





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Grokker was founded in 2012 and its headquarters is located in San Jose, California, USA. Grokker has $3.0M in revenue and 34 employees. Grokker's top competitors are CrossFit, YogaVibes and Daily Burn.

Grokker Competitive Set





GrokkerGrokker ceo

Lorna Borenstein

Founder & CEO

1CrossFit ceoCrossFit

Greg Glassman

Founder & CEO

2YogaVibes ceoYogaVibes

Brian Ratte


3Daily Burn ceoDaily Burn

Tricia Han


4Yoga Download ceoYoga Download

Jamie Kent

Founder & CEO

5YogaGlo ceoYogaGlo

Derik Mills

Founder & CEO

6Yogaia ceoYogaia

Mikko Petäjä

Founder & CEO

7eAmbalam ceoeAmbalam

T.V. Ramprasadh


8Yoga International ceoYoga International

Todd Wolfenberg



Grokker Revenue History

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Grokker Employee History

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Grokker Leadership

Lorna Borenstein
Lorna Borenstein

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Grokker Funding History

Since Grokker was founded in 2012, it has participated in 2 rounds of funding. In total Grokker has raised $5.5M. Grokker's last funding round was on Nov 2016 for a total of $0

Series BNov 2016$SV AngelFirst Round CapitalKhosla VenturesAspect VenturesInterwest PartnersCorrelation Ventures
Series ADec 2013$5.5MKhosla Ventures

Total: $

Grokker News

Grokker posted a video "Grokker Employee Wellness" on YOUTUBEGrokker Youtube Channel
Grokker Blog Grokker Syncs With Fitbit and Garmin You spoke. We listened. Your employees can now sync their Fitbit’s and Garmin’s to Grokker.Grokker Blog
Grokker Blog GrokTalk: Holiday Nutrition Hacks I'm excited to share the second episode of Grokker's official podcast, GrokTalk. Staying healthy during the holidays can be a challenge with delicious treats at every turn. That's why Episode #2 is all about healthy nutrition hacks you can use to stay on track while still indulging in the season. Join Leslie Perryman and Michael Alfuso as they chat with our newest Grokker Expert, Dr. Chris Mohr. Chris has been helping clients improve their health for 20+ years as a Registered Dietitian.&nbsp;He holds a PhD in exercise physiology, is a consulting sports nutritionist for the WWE, and formerly served as the consulting Sports Nutritionist for the Cincinnati Bengals&nbsp;Grokker Blog
Grokker Blog 3 Ways to Engage Employees with Wellness Programs Employees who participate in their corporate wellness programs are more satisfied with their jobs. Your challenge is how to motivate them to engage with your program. Here are three critical factors for engaging your employees with wellness:Grokker Blog
Grokker Blog How to Include Disabled Employees in Wellness ActivitiesNearly one in five adult Americans has some kind of disability according to the U.S. Census Bureau - which means your workplace likely has a percentage of employees with physical, mental, or sensory limitations. And since more workers are retiring later, you should expect an increase in employees on the job with age-related disabilities. These employees may be eager to participate in your wellness program, but don't know if there's a place for them.Grokker Blog
Grokker Blog Creating a Holistic Wellness Program: How to Go Beyond Exercise and NutritionWhat does "wellness" mean? Is it about eating right and exercising? Is it about feeling happy? About having good relationships with others? All of the above certainly come under the wellness banner, which means that ideally, they should be part of an employee wellness program. A holistic wellness program addresses aspects of health and well-being, and goes beyond just physical needs. And such well-rounded programs are becoming a force within HR departments: According to a recent survey from Gallagher Benefit Services, 34 percent of wellness programs now include financial counseling, 28 percent offer volunteer opportunities, and 27 percent offer community engagement. Grokker Blog
Grokker Blog HR Technology Conference and Expo 2017Join Grokker at HR Technology Conference and Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, NV at Booth #3950.Grokker Blog
Grokker Blog GrokTalk: Safely Address Movement LimitationsWelcome to the first official Grokker podcast - GrokTalk. Join us as we discuss how to safely address movement limitations. We'll dig into different forms of limitations from acute injuries to chronic physical conditions like COPD. Learn best practices for managing your health in each of these primary limitation scenarios. Join Leslie Perryman, Lauren Whitehouse [...]Grokker Blog
Grokker Blog 2U Uses Grokker to Help Employees Access Wellness Resources Anywhere, AnytimeErin Newbill is the Senior Director of Compensation and Benefits at 2U, which works with colleges and universities to develop digital education programs. 2U was recently named one of 2017's Top Workplaces by The Washington Post. In today's post, Erin explains how Grokker is helping 2U employees access wellness resources from the office, at home, and on the road.Everyone at 2U is passionate about changing the online education landscape, so it's no surprise they're passionate about other things, like maintaining their health and well-being. Many of our millennial employees are starting their careers at 2U, and they're not afraid to tell us that the work environment needs to be a healthy place. We listened to their ideas, and that's why we chose Grokker.Grokker Blog
Press Release: Grokker : GROKKER CEO LORNA BORENSTEIN TAKES HER CULTURE SHOW ON THE ROAD WITH 2017 KEYNOTE ADDRESS AT EMPLOYER HEALTHCARE & BENEFITS CONGRESSSan Jose, California, Aug. 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grokker CEO and Founder Lorna Borenstein is taking her popular online culture series on the road with a live keynote event at the 2017 Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress. Lorna regularly interviews trailblazing HR leaders and CEO's around the globe on how to create employee-centric cultures that promote holistic wellness.GlobalNewswire



Grokker Website History

Screengrabs of how the Grokker site has evloved. (Click to expand)

Grokker website history

Nov 2017

Grokker website history

Jun 2017

Grokker website history

May 2017

Grokker website history

Feb 2017

Grokker website history

Nov 2016

Grokker website history

Aug 2016

Grokker website history

May 2016

Grokker website history

Feb 2016

Grokker website history

Oct 2015

Grokker website history

Jul 2015

Grokker website history

Mar 2015

Grokker website history

Dec 2014

Grokker website history

Sep 2014

Grokker website history

Jun 2014

Owler has collected 14 screenshots of Grokker's website since Jun 2014. The latest Grokker website design screenshot was captured in Nov 2017.

Grokker Headquarters

undefined company logo

550 S Winchester Blvd Suite 500

San Jose, California 95128

Driving Directions

google map

Grokker Summary Information

Grokker operates an online fitness training platform that enables users to browse and watch various cooking, yoga and fitness videos. Grokker was founded in 2012. Grokker's headquarters is located in San Jose, California, USA 95128. It has raised 5.5M in 2 rounds. The latest round was in Nov 2016. Some of Grokker's investors include SV Angel, First Round Capital and Khosla Ventures. Grokker's Founder & CEO, Lorna Borenstein, currently has an approval rating of 83%. 100% of the Owler community believes Grokker will get acquired. Grokker has an estimated 34 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 3.0M.

Grokker's Founder & CEO, Lorna Borenstein, currently has an approval rating of 83%. Grokker's primary competitors are  CrossFit YogaVibes Daily Burn.

Visit the Grokker website to learn more.