Fujitsu Acquisitions

Fujitsu has acquired 11 companies and its latest acquisition was InPhySec Security on Sep 2022

InPhySec Security

Sep 2022

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InPhySec is a New Zealand-based IT firm that provides services including endpoint security, risk management and network testing for businesses.
Enable Professional Services

Jul 2022

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Enable is a Virgin Island-based consultancy firm that offers services such as IOT, customer advisory, integrated risk management and delivery for businesses.
oobe Pty Ltd

Feb 2022

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Oobe is an Australia-based IT consulting firm that provides services such as cybersecurity, virtual desktop deployment and system integration for businesses.
Versor Pty Ltd.

Apr 2021

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Versor is an Australia-based data analytics management consultancy that offers data engineering and data science services for industries such as mining, retail and finance.


VME Software Business

Jan 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fujitsu

  1. What companies did Fujitsu acquire?

    Companies acquired by Fujitsu include InPhySec, Enable and oobe
  2. How many acquisitions does Fujitsu have?

    Fujitsu has acquired 11 companies including InPhySec, Enable and oobe.
  1. How many acquisitions did Fujitsu make in 2022?

    In 2022 Fujitsu acquired 3 companies including InPhySec, Enable and oobe.