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Dropbox develops a cloud-based platform that allows users to store and share photos, documents and videos.

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Dropbox Revenue, Funding, Number of Employees, Competitors and Acquisitions


Drew Houston

Co-Founder & CEO

Drew Houston

Approval Rating: 59/100


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San FranciscoCalifornia



Industry Sector:

Data Processing Services

Internet Software





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Dropbox was founded in 2007 and its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, USA. Dropbox has $1.0B in revenue and 1500 employees. Dropbox's top competitors are Workday, SugarSync and Box.

Dropbox Competitive Set





DropboxDropbox ceo

Drew Houston

Co-Founder & CEO

1Workday ceoWorkday

Aneel Bhusri

Co-Founder & CEO

2SugarSync ceoSugarSync

3Box ceoBox

Aaron Levie

Chairman & CEO

4Egnyte ceoEgnyte

Vineet K. Jain

Co-Founder & CEO

5WatchDox ceoWatchDox

6Onehub ceoOnehub

Charles Mount

Founder & CEO

7Syncplicity ceoSyncplicity

8Fabasoft Cloud ceoFabasoft Cloud

Helmut Fallmann



Dropbox Revenue History

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Dropbox Employee History

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Dropbox Leadership

Drew Houston
Drew Houston

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO

Dropbox Acquisitions

VerstVerstNov 2017undisclosedVerst is an online platform that enables users to publish contents, discover insights and optimize social engagement in blogs and websites.
ClementineClementineJul 2015undisclosedClementine provides an enterprise communication service with primary focus on internal communication such as conference calls and chat. 
UmanoUmanoMay 2015undisclosedUmano is a mobile application that offers news reading and audio streaming services.
PixelapsePixelapseJan 2015undisclosedPixelapse offers version control and design iteration services for designers to work on cross platforms.
CloudOn, Inc.CloudOn, Inc.Jan 2015undisclosedCloudOn develops a multiplatform application to edit, create, organize and share documents.
Predictive Edge Technologies, LLCPredictive Edge Technologies, LLCJul 2014undisclosedPredictive Edge provides cloud-based website personalization for e-commerce businesses.
Parastructure, Inc.Parastructure, Inc.Jun 2014undisclosedParastructure develops and provides data analysis software.
MobileSpan, Inc.MobileSpan, Inc.Jun 2014undisclosedMobileSpan is an app for editing and sharing the document and data contents.
BubbliBubbliMay 2014undisclosedBubbli develops a mobile application that enables users to combine overlapping photos to produce panoramic image.
Loom, Inc.Loom, Inc.Apr 2014undisclosedLoom provides personal photo and video cloud storage.
HackpadHackpadApr 2014undisclosedHackpad develops a tool for editing and sharing files, notes and comments.
DroptalkDroptalkApr 2014undisclosed
Zulip, Inc.Zulip, Inc.Mar 2014undisclosed
Readmill Network LimitedReadmill Network LimitedFeb 2014$8MReadmill is an ebook reader for iOS and Android.
SoldSoldNov 2013undisclosed
PiCloud, Inc.PiCloud, Inc.Nov 2013undisclosedPiCloud provides batch processing, high performance computing and scientific computing solutions.
Foundry Hiring,Inc.Foundry Hiring,Inc.Sep 2013undisclosed
Endorse Corp.Endorse Corp.Jul 2013undisclosedEndorse Corp. owns and operates an online application that rewards users for buying products.
Orchestra, Inc.Orchestra, Inc.Mar 2013$100MMailbox is a mobile application that offers email management solutions.
undefinedDec 2012undisclosed
Snapjoy, Inc.Snapjoy, Inc.Dec 2012undisclosedSnapjoy develops and operates an online photo library and software application.
tapengagetapengageJul 2012undisclosed
Allan MichaelAllan MichaelFeb 2012undisclosed



Dropbox has acquired 23 companies.Dropbox's latest acquisition was Verst in Nov 2017. Verst is an online platform that enables users to publish contents, discover insights and optimize social engagement in blogs and websites.

Dropbox Funding History

Since Dropbox was founded in 2007, it has participated in 8 rounds of funding. In total Dropbox has raised $1.7B. Dropbox's last funding round was on Mar 2017 for a total of $600.0M

DebtMar 2017$600MJPMorgan Chase & CoBank of America CorpDeutsche Bank AGGoldman Sachs Group IncMacquarie Group LtdRoyal Bank of Canada
DebtApr 2014$500MJPMorgan Chase & Co.
Series CJan 2014$325MBlackRockY CombinatorSequoia CapitalAccel PartnersIndex VenturesGoldman SachsGreylock Partners

Total: $

Dropbox News

Dropbox Blog Your daily routine is making you less creative-here's how to fix itSome routines are good. Doctors say going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day helps you stay healthy. Familiar patterns-like regular exercise and brushing your teeth before bed-can help reduce stress and keep you grounded. But taken too far, routines can also become a problem. Doing the same thing all day, over and over, can decrease your creative thinking and blunt your competitive edge.Dropbox Blog
Dropbox Blog The Gathering 2018: What does it take to create a cult brand?Brands like Gatorade, Jeep, and Jack Daniel's have been household names for so long, they feel like something more than companies that sell us sports drinks, cars, and whiskey. They feel like part of our collective culture. Then there are new brands like Beats by Dre that manage to achieve cult status seemingly overnight. So what distinguishes a merely super-successful business from a cult brand that inspires customers "not just to buy, but to buy in"?Dropbox Blog
Dropbox posted a video "Dropbox Paper: a collaborative workspace for early ideas" on YOUTUBEDropbox Youtube Channel
Dropbox Blog 3 ways to rethink your workweekYou and your work spend a lot of time together. Over the years, you may have started to take each other for granted. Does your workweek feel like the 'ole ball and chain? Would you rather it be the launch pad for your best self and life? When your workweek is structured to focus your creative energy on the right work at the right time, you'll stay energized and effective. These three steps can help take you there.Dropbox Blog
Dropbox: Exclusive: Dropbox spins out foundation with $20 million to fund S.F. nonprofits and othersThe 10-year-old San Francisco company joins a growing list of tech companies that have ventured into charitable giving as their businesses have boomed. In the Bay Area, philanthropies driven by tech giants like Salesforce, Facebook and Google have fueled education programs, homelessness services and the arts.The Business Journals: San Francisco Business Times
Dropbox Blog Ask yourself these 5 questions before saying yes to an opportunityWhen you're given an opportunity-whether it's a promotion, potential customer, or learning experience-the most natural response is to say yes. Why not accept a higher salary? Why refuse a chance to study abroad? The reality, however, is that most of us say yes too much, too quickly, and without enough thought. We're wired to please others, and we've been conditioned to think all opportunities are good things. So instead of always saying yes, ask yourself these five questions first.Dropbox Blog
Dropbox: Paths of Carbonite and Mozy "Come Full Circle" in Data Backup DealBefore Dropbox and Google Drive, there was Carbonite and Mozy. Both of those pioneer firms launched in 2005, and were among the early players in online data backup services. They enabled people to pay a few bucks a month for software that automatically encrypts the information on their hard drives, and copies it to remote [...]Xconomy
Dropbox Blog 3 ways to increase your CQ (creative intelligence)Creativity isn't just for creatives any more. In fact, creativity is widely credited for giving people in business a competitive edge. And it turns out, everyone has some. In fact, you're likely more creative than you think. Take the quiz that lets you see your CQ, or creative intelligence. Wherever you fall on the scale, the good news is that your CQ is not fixed like your IQ. You can actually boost it by working more creatively. Here's how.Dropbox Blog
Dropbox: Dropbox : and Genius Unveil Inaugural "Lyrics to Life" Curator Line-Up(4-traders.com) Aminé, Devin Troy Strother, and Peggy Noland are among the acclaimed visual artists and curators transforming iconic song lyrics by the likes of Nicki Minaj and Tame Impala into original artworks that music fans can see, touch, and experience. Co-presented by Dropbox and Genius, Lyrics to Life...http://www.4-traders.com/news/Dropbox-and-Genius-Unveil-Inaugural-ldquo-Lyrics-to-Life-rdquo-Curator-Line-Up--25957240/?utm_medium=RSS&utm_content=201802084-traders
Dropbox posted a video "mytaxi + Dropbox Paper" on YOUTUBEDropbox Youtube Channel



Dropbox Website History

Screengrabs of how the Dropbox site has evloved. (Click to expand)

Dropbox website history

Sep 2017

Dropbox website history

May 2017

Dropbox website history

Feb 2017

Dropbox website history

Nov 2016

Dropbox website history

Aug 2016

Dropbox website history

May 2016

Dropbox website history

Feb 2016

Dropbox website history

Oct 2015

Dropbox website history

Jul 2015

Dropbox website history

Mar 2015

Dropbox website history

Aug 2014

Dropbox website history

May 2014

Dropbox website history

Mar 2013

Dropbox website history

Jan 2012

Owler has collected 14 screenshots of Dropbox's website since Jan 2012. The latest Dropbox website design screenshot was captured in Sep 2017.

Dropbox Headquarters

undefined company logo

333 Brannan St

San Francisco, California 94107


Driving Directions

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Dropbox Summary Information

Dropbox is a private company that develops a cloud-based platform to store and share photos, documents, and videos. M.I.T. students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi founded Dropbox in 2007. Dropbox is headquartered at 185 Barry Street, San Francisco, California (CA). Drew Houston developed the Dropbox concept after he repeatedly forgot his USB flash drive while he was a student at M.I.T.. Frustrated by working from multiple computers, Houston decided to create a service that would let people bring all their files anywhere, with no need to email attachments. After Drew Houston coded a demo of Dropbox and showed it to Arash Ferdowsi. Arash Ferdowsi then decided to drop out of M.I.T. with only one semester left to finish in order to make Dropbox a reality. After securing funding from Y Combinator, Dropbox was officially launched at 2008's annual technology conference, TechCrunch50. In September 2008, Dropbox received another seed investment, this time worth $1.2M from Sequoia Capital and Pejman Nozad. In December 2008, Dropbox secured a Series A from Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital for $6M. Dropbox returned in October 2011 for a Series B, which was led by investors Index Ventures, RIT Capital Partners, and Benchmark for $250M. In January 2014, Dropbox led a Series C. Investors included Blackrock, Y Combinator, and Sequoia Capital, raising a total of $325M. In April 2015, JPMorgan Chase & Co Invested $500M in the form of debt. By 2011, Dropbox had more than 50M registered users. In response to its competitor Google Drive and Microsoft's' SkyDrive, Dropbox announced a new feature allowing users to automatically upload photographs or videos from a camera, tablet, SD card, or smartphone in 2012. Facebook and Dropbox integrated to allow group users to share files to Facebook Groups using Dropbox's cloud-based storage system. Dropbox's primary competitors are Box, SugarSync, and Google. On April 3, 2012, Dropbox announced that Bono and the Edge, two members of the Irish rock band U2, were individual investors in the company. In 2014, Dropbox announced a partnership with Microsoft to integrate Dropbox and Microsoft Office application on iOS, Android, and the Office 365 applications on the web. Dropbox's most recent acquisitions include CloudOn and Clementine. Dropbox's additional acquisitions include Pixelapse, CloudOn, Predictive Edge, Parastructure, MobileSpan, bubbli, Loom, Hackpad, Droptalk, Zulip, Readmill, Sold., PiCloud, Foundry, Endorse, Mailbox, Snapjoy, Audiogalaxy, tapengage, and Cove. In sum, Dropbox has acquired 22 companies, spending a total of $108M. The current CEO and founder of Dropbox is Drew Houston, who currently has an approval rating of 87% by the Owler community. Dropbox has 750 employees with revenue of $300M.

Dropbox's Co-Founder & CEO, Drew Houston, currently has an approval rating of 59%. Dropbox's primary competitors are  Workday SugarSync Box.

Visit the Dropbox website to learn more.