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Winning Works Blog Innovative Slate Flood Defences - you saw it here first!

What an eventful day we have had. Not only have we been busy making and dispatching Father's Day signs, cheese boards and beer crates, we had a near disaster this morning. There was a huge thunder storm with lots of thunder and torrential rain so we got distracted trying to keep the dogs calm. Finn, or collie, is terrified of thunder and he was frantic with fear. Our puppy Dolly couldn't understand what was the matter with Finn so she became agitated too. And then we looked out of the window and this is what we saw:What was once our driveway was now a river. The drains couldn't cope and the water started gushing down the garden path, perilously close to the white door of our store room. The stream at the edge of the garden breached its banks - the first time this has ever happened and the pond overflowed so we had a huge lake at the bottom of the garden. Aaargh!Fortunately, the storm stopped as quickly as it started and with some some frantic digging, we managed to divert the flow away from the building.With more storms forecast, we set about trying to erect a barrier to divert the water away from the house. Mr WW came up with an ingenious solution: Slate! Here it is:We wedged the slate into the soil and put some supports at the back. We think it will be sufficiently solid to divert the water away from our store room and our precious stock. I'm not sure what Dolly thinks of the new feature in the garden. It probably confirms her belief that humans are quite mad!We created our new flood defense hours ago and it hasn't rained since. We can't wait to see if it works. Bet we'll have a drought for the rest of the Summer, now we are prepared for the worst!

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