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Window Gang Blog What do you look for in a divorce lawyer?

With divorce skyrocketing in the United States, a lot of people seek out a divorce attorney to complete their divorce. And, the latest research shows on average people will get an average of three divorces in their lifetime. When seeking out an attorney, what do you look for when conisdering representation? Do you choose a male or female lawyer, and do you think the divorce courts are biased in any way? If you are a male, do you prefer a female attorney, and if you are a female do you prefer a male attorney?Is your decision based on what their retainer fee is? Or, what they history is with certain judges? Do you think there is a system in the United States where individual states actually encourage divorce so that lawyers can make money? And, that there is a purposeful bias in the courts so that it inflames more fighting over many years?How long did your divorce case last and after your last experience in the family and domestic courts is it preventing you from getting married again? In many states, there is mandatory mediation before couples can get a divorce, do you think mediation works and if so why, or if not why? Clearly, a divorce is much harder when there are kids involved, what was your experience with the divorce courts in cases where two parents are fighting over children?What else do you look for in a divorce lawyer?

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