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Press Release: Viratech : Viratech Corp. Shareholder Update

RENO, NV / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2016 / Viratech Corp. (OTC: VIRA), the first open source biotech research social network platform is pleased to update shareholders regarding its current activities.The Company previously launched a social network resource site for cancer patients, survivors, advocates, and volunteers. harnesses social collaboration utilities to develop what Viratech believes will become the first experience-based search engine powered by social collaboration.In May,, released and documented its REST API which consists now of more than 700 pages, giving implicit programming details, to the developer community on how they can now build new applications and functionalities, to the social network platform including:1. Login - (Http Verbs, Member Login, Login, Single Sign On, Logout);. 2. Member Sign Up - (Sign Up Form, Validate Sign Up Form); 3. Members - (Browse Members, Member Search Form, User Profile, Edit Profile Fields, Edit Profile Photo, Get User Info, Get Friends, Create New List, Add Friend To List, Remove Friend From List, Delete List, Suggest Friend); 4. Member Actions - (Add Friend, Cancer Friend Request, Accept Friend Request, Reject Friend Request, Remove Friend, Block Member, Unblock Member, make Profile Photo); 5. Member Settings - (General Settings, Privacy Settings, Network Settings, Notification Settings, Change password, Delete Account); 6. Notifications - (Get Notifications, Get Friend Request, Get New updates Count, Mark All Notifications as Read, Mark a Notification As Read); 7. Messages - (Get Inbox Messages, Get outbox Messages, Mark Message As Read, View Messages, Compose New Messages, Delete Message Conversations); 8. Likes and Comments - (Get Likes and Comments, Like, Unlike, Post Comment, Delete a Comment); 9. Activity Feed - (Get Activity Feeds, Post New Feed, Delete Feed and Comment, Delete Feed and Comment, Like, Unlike, Post feed Comments, Tag Friends in Feed); 10. Photo Albums - (Browse Albums, My Albums, Browse Search Forum, Create Album, Album Profile, Edit Album, Delete Album, Photo's List, Photo's View, Edit Photo Info, Delete Photo, Rotate Photo, Flip Photo); 11. Blogs - (Browse Blogs, Manage Blogs, Blogs Search Form, create a Blog, Blog Profile, Edit Blog, Get User's Blog Categories, Blogs Subscribe, Blogs Unsubscribe, Delete Blog); 12. Classifieds - (Browse Classifieds, My classifieds, Classifieds Search Form, Create Classified, Classified profile, Edit Classified, Open/Close Classified, Delete Classified); 13. Groups - (Browse Groups, Manage Groups, Group Search Form, Create Group, Group Profile, Edit group, Delete Group); 14. Group Members - ( Member List, Invite Members, Accept member Request, Ignore Member request, Leave group, Join Group, Group Membership Request, Approve Membership Request, Cancel Membership Request, Remove Members, Edit Member Staff, Promote Group member, Demote Group Member); 15. Photo View - (Photo View, Edit Photo title & description, Delete Photo); 16. Group Discussions - (Discussions List, Create Discussions, Discussions Profile, Post Discussions Reply, Make Sticky/Remove Sticky, Open/Close, rename Discussion, Watch Topic/Stop Watching Topic, Delete Discussion); 17. Events - (Browse Events, My Events, Events Search Form, Create Event, Event Profile, Edit Event, Delete Event, Event Organizer Profile, Event Categories Listings, Events Guest List, Join Event, Leave Event, Invite members, Accept Members Request, Ignore Members Request, Event Membership Request, cancer Membership request, Remove Member, Publish Event, Open Close Event, Tell a Friend); 18. Diary - (Browse Diaries, Diary Search Form, Create Diary, Edit Diary, Diary Profile, Delete Diary, Add Event to Diary, Remove Event From Diary, Tell a Friend, Message Owner of Diary); 19. Video - (Browse Video, My Videos, Video Search Form, create Video, Video profile, Edit Video Rate to Video, Delete Video); 20. Music/Voice Sharing - (Browse Playlist, My Playlist, Playlist Search Form, Create Playlist, Playlist Profile, Edit Playlist, Delete playlist, Delete Song, Move Song to Other Playlist); 21. Polls - (Browse Polls, Manage Polls, Poll Search Form, Create Poll, Poll Profile, Edit Poll, Vote on Poll, Delete Poll); 22. Forums - (Forums Listings, Browse Forum Listings, Get member Forum Posts, Create Forum Posts, Create Forum Topic, Forum Topic Profile, Delete Forum Topic, Make sticky/remove Sticky, Open /Close, Watch Topic/Stop Watching Topic, Rename Forum Topic, Move Topic to Forum, Topic Post's Reply, Delete Post); 23. Geo-Location - (Proximity Search, Suggest Locations) has been positioning itself to have the first mover advantage by becoming the primary resource on the Web that people affected by cancer will turn to in order to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Members can use to:• Create and mobilize their own Patient Support Network;• Learn from the wisdom of cancer survivors;• Research all aspects of cancer;• Organize their medical records, insurance, and research;• Create a customized strategy based on their educated beliefs, values and resources;• To create a proactive cancer prevention was founded by people who have firsthand experience with cancer. The network continues to grow thanks to individuals who continually donate their time, resources and experiences to help cancer patients navigate the obstacles they face. Our driving principles to create an internet-based support system are based on clinical data which has shown that cancer patients who have an active support network live longer than cancer patients who do not and increasing a cancer patient's quality of life directly lowers the incidence of morbidity.The social network has the potential of changing the way in which patients view and manage their disease, thus allowing them to take back control and being more proactive in their treatment is also seeking new cancer researchers who wish to leverage its intellectual property and social network platform for the purpose of creating new distribution and engagement channels. Books on cancer have been written and the Company has gathered a large data base of research and knowledge.Through its experience-based search engine and next-generation technology,'s goal is to become the primary resource on the web for people affected by cancer, for the purpose of making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.The Company is continuing to expand the use and features of the technologies in its Social Network, software, and business platform.Biotech Inc. signed an exclusive agreement to commercialize a device that analyzes a small amount of urine for markers that are found in breast and other forms of cancer. This device and the use of biomarkers allow for rapid, point-of-care tests for early screening of cancer that noninvasively monitors levels of pteridine biomarkers in urine. Its unique design delivers superior sensitivity to mass spectrometry at a fraction of the cost of comparable analytical platforms. There are many other advantages to this technology.New frontiers for health careDr. Kevin Buckman MD, Chief Medical Officer of, Inc., authored a Best Selling Book on Breast Cancer called Find and Stop Breast Cancer. He states, "The influential U.S. Preventive Services Task suggests not doing a first mammogram until age 50. This is a real dilemma for women under 50 and for those who want a noninvasive means of breast cancer screening." Dr. Buckman continues, "Screening with sensitive biomarkers may have advantages over expensive imaging technologies such as CT Scan, x rays, PET scans, mammograms, ultrasounds and other tests. Urine biomarkers for Cancer Detection is a non-invasive cancer test that is rapid. There is a need to find a new way to discover breast cancer at all stages and to have new ways to monitor cancer treatment."Further clinical studies are needed and the Company will need to attain regulatory approval before the device and tests can be used clinically.Medical Advisory Board and Technical AdvisorsTo facilitate the above activities, the Company has been meeting with Doctors and other experts with the bodies of knowledge needed to make the Company's goals and business ventures successful. The Company will be announcing these new members of its team over the next sixty days."The hard work and efforts of the management team of the Company is finally coming to fruition" states Fred Schiemann, CEO of Viratech Corp.About Viratech, Corp. and, Inc.Viratech and its subsidiary are a software company focusing on developing disruptor based applications in the communication broadcasting, work flow management, crowd sourced labor and social media fields. Additionally, Viratech and its wholly owned subsidiary develop medical products for the early detection of cancer and other diseases.Forward-Looking StatementsOur press releases may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act. Such statements involve risks and uncertainties that may affect the actual results of operations. Forward-looking statements in this press release include statements regarding our belief about the market applications. The following important factors, among others, have affected and, in the future could affect, the our actual results: the effect of new branding and marketing initiatives, the integration of new leadership, the introduction and acceptance of new products, the levels and particular directions of research and product development by our customers, the impact of the growing number of producers of biotechnology research and diagnostics products and related price competition, general economic conditions, the impact of currency exchange rate fluctuations, and the costs and results of our research and product development efforts and

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