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Urnex Brands Blog Cleaning Coffee Maker With Vinegar? Stick to Salad.

For many of us, coffee plays an integral role in our lives; it can be a source of energy, comfort, pleasure, even happiness and peace of mind. If our coffee is to fulfill its role in our lives to its full potential, if it is to reach optimal levels of taste, temperature, and aroma, it must be brewed from a clean machine. Some of us who are aware of the importance of a clean coffee maker in relation to the quality of our coffee experience use vinegar as the cleaning solution. In fact, the internet is littered with countless "how-to" articles, blogs and posts on cleaning a coffee maker with vinegar. But while vinegar is great for cleaning windows or wood floors, and you can't beat it for salad, it will not do the trick to make the best tasting coffee possible.

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