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Press Release: Universal Global Scientific Industrial : USI develops 'Sub-module Integration' Manufacturing Concept and embarks on research and development for the new process

SHANGHAI, Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- USI (SSE: 601231), a leading electronics designer and manufacturer in the world, has recently put forward a brand-new 'sub-module integration' manufacturing concept, a process which involves the integration of highly interdependent components in a system to generate sub-modules that are then embedded in system modules through molding.According to USI, the technology, once developed, can be integrated into its other advanced process technologies and be applied to audio system-in-package (SiP) or optical sensor SiP manufacturing.As an industry pioneer in SiP technologies, USI works closely with customers to create innovative products and drive ultra-high yields. To meet the market's needs for high degrees of customization, USI has successively developed highly complicated and sophisticated packaging processes such as selective molding, selective sputter and chamfer molding. Based on the company's mass production experience, it is capable of upgrading the manufacturing processes or optimizing production costs.In the IoT (Internet of Things) and mobile internet era, miniaturization has become an important development trend for global electronics. Miniaturization reduces material costs, increases functional integration, and creates products that are easier to carry or transport. In the past ten years, USI has been making great strides in producing highly integrated and miniaturized modules.USI has actively introduced a wide variety of solutions for miniaturization that have helped reduce the sizes of most electronic systems to meet different market needs. The company has also successively developed advanced processes for double-sided molding (DSM) and film molding for SiP module miniaturization, allowing more efficient use of space and more components to be integrated simultaneously. To ensure good circuit connectivity of DSM SiP, USI's R&D team employs technologies such as TMV (through mold via) and fan-out interposer to ensure that the circuit will not be affected by the highly integrated modules. In the research in electromagnetic shielding, USI has also completed the development of vacuum printing technology and process verification in 2019.Sub-module integration is a pivotal step in the advancement of modularization which is inline with USI's 'modularization, diversification and globalization' development strategy initiated in 2018. 5G technology is picking up momentum and progressing towards massive IoT applications that will enable wider and broader use of wearable devices, and enhance demand in lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller devices. USI's miniaturized SiP technology is on track to support customers in integrating more device functions and maximizing space concerns.About USIUSI (SSE: 601231), Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., provides design, miniaturization, material sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and after services of electronic devices/modules for brand owners. USI is a member of ASE Technology Holding (TWSE: 3711, NYSE: ASX) and has many years of experience in the electronics manufacturing services industry and leverages the industry-leading technology of ASE Group, which enables USI to offer customer diversified products in the sectors of wireless communication, computer and storage, consumer, industrial, and automotive electronics worldwide. USI has a sales service network in America, Europe, and Asia; and manufacturing sites in Mainland China, Taiwan, Mexico and Poland.Website: www.usiglobal.comLinkedIn:

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