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It's that time of year again! You finish the last touch ups on your makeup and you choose your outfit for the day. Those chilly fall/winter days call for a sweater, so you throw it over your head and it happens. STATIC! Your perfectly curled hairstyle is floating up into the air. UGH. Let's get technical (short and sweet of course). Static electricity occurs when two oppositely charged objects come into close contact, causing electrons to hop from one object to the other, in turn switching the objects electrical charge from positive to negative and vice versa. Two objects with the same charge will repel one another. Static electricity in hair is caused by our locks picking up the positive electrical charges and repelling the positive charges in the air. It is more common during cooler months because of a lack of moisture in the air which increases the positive charge. So, while your hair is sticking straight up you go for the laundry sheets. Sure, it works but lets face it, who wants to smell like spring rain hair to toe. In times of desperation we have all decided to try it out. Instead of a quick fix, rehydrating your hair from the inside out will have a longer lasting effect. Switch up your shampoo and conditioner for these months that add a bit more moisture (and shine) to those strands. L'Oreal Absolute Repair shampoo is a creamy, reparative product which, when paired with a conditioning masque will help diminish static electricity in your hair because of it's lactic acid ingredients that repair your hair . Mythic Oil is the perfect styling product to finish the job and make your hair glow (and not float). Here's the best part about fighting static with products such as these.... longer lasting color. It's true! healthier hair holds in color molecules longer. Winter sun rays are just as damaging as summer, and can cause our hair color to fade just as quickly. Keep this in mind the next time you hit the slopes during those warmer, sunny, December days. Still feeling like you can't beat that cling? Try out an Ionic Blow dryer. These types of dryers force out negatively charged ions penetrating water into the hair shaft consequently rehydrating and reconditioning the hair. This added moisture will help keep your hair shiny, smooth, and static free!

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