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Ramco group company Shri Harini Media on Wednesday launched, a web and mobile platform, which would bring parents, educators and experts across fields together to share and collaborate on various aspects related to parenting and child development. The site also embeds social features, which would enable users to view, follow, share and collaborate with other community members."Families are in transition. Parenting is in transition. With opportunities extending beyond our hometowns to urban cities and the world at large, we are seeing a change in family structures and an accelerated trend towards nuclear families. There is a clear need to build a larger circle to raise a child. This is where we come in. ParentCircle strives to bring together parents, doctors, counselors and other experts to share knowledge and experiences for the holistic development of children," said Nalina Ramalakshmi, founder and managing director of platform helps parents make sense of the vast information available on the Web with people they know and trust, she added. With over 20 knowledge partners and about 50 educational institutions already on board, aims to reach a user base of about 1 million in the first year of operations, she said."Parentcircle banks on adaptive content to create meaningful and personalised interactions with its users while also combining resources to help parents on the lookout for local information. We are in fact a year or two ahead of competition in India. Most of the content available on the internet is catered to Western countries and there is a need to localize content for use in India. Moreover, when you search for specific parenting issues on Google, it returns millions of pages and you may not go beyond the first two or three. The information that is relevant to you may well be in the tenth page. At ParentCircle, we would strive to curate this relevant information for use of our community members, in an easy-to-use manner," Ramalakshmi said.The company also released a survey conducted jointly with IMRB to validate the need for such a site in the market. Some of the findings of the study are: one in three parents feel that there is nothing to be careful about while using the internet; more than one fourth of the children feel that parents do not appreciate them; every third child is bullied in school, and one fourth of the children in India lie to their parents about their grades. In that context, ParentCircle would be a one-stop destination for parents to find solutions to all their parenting related questions, she [email protected]

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