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Outside the big navigation apps (Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze) there are a number of smartphone apps created specifically for motorcyclists. Whether you're looking to discover new routes, socialise with other riders or after safety features like Crash Detection, there's an app for you. Below, we list some of the top apps for motorbike riders that have caught our attention. If there are any others you think should be mentioned, leave us a comment at the end of the article.   REVER  Discover, track, plan, navigate and connect. The Rever App is designed for the explorers. With 3,000+ roads, trails, race tracks and off-road riding areas around the globe, users can create and upload their own trails for others to use. It's also easy to keep tabs on your mates with Live Friend Tracking so no rider gets left behind on your journey. BIKENAV    "Turning a standard ride into an adventure" Fastest, Shortest, Curvy or Extra Curvy? Whether you're just looking to get from A to Z or something more exciting, BikeNav gives motorcyclists the option to choose the style of route. Add friends to your route to track their progress on your next group ride.  RISER "Get expert tips for remote places and share your experiences with likeminded people." If riding in a group with Riser, don't just track where your fellow riders are, get notified if one of them falls behind. Once your ride is complete, record the ride and share it with Riser's community DETECHT Detecht's big feature is its crash notification. The app analyses the motorcyclists driving behavior and will automatically identify an anomaly. If so, an alarm message is sent to your in-case of emergency contacts and other app users with the location and seriousness of the accident. Like the other apps, Detecht can also be used for route planning and tracking.   Other notable mentions are Calimoto and EatSleepRide. If there are any you think we've missed, let us know in the comments below.

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