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One of the challenges with butterfly displays - and especially exotic moth displays - is that the coloring of the specimens can fade with age if the display is placed in direct sunlight. True - it takes years before you notice the effect and some specimens exhibit an extraordinary ability to resist fading from prolonged exposure to the sunlight. However, many of the more exotic species are the ones that fade the most. In other words, the most difficult to obtain species and the most expensive species to buy tend to be the very species that fade the most.That doesn't mean that the cheapest butterflies are exempt from fading either.Until now, no vendor in the world has had the slightest ability to solve this tricky problem. Of course, you won't be surprised to find out that The Butterfly Store: The Butterfly Store solved the challenge! We are now the only vendor in the world to offer UV protected displays that will allow you to enjoy the full splendor of your butterfly display for decades to come - without any fading!And yes, since we started carrying this product, we have made sure that all of our most expensive and exotic specimens used for our displays are featured in UV protected displays! If you want your butterfly or moth protected from the risk of fading, just choose the Acrylic UV Box when prompted to make a frame choice - it's well worth the investment!By the way, you can see from the picture above that there is no discernible difference between the coloring of untreated versus UV treated boxes - notice that the texture of the Tuscany wall shows up in great detail behind the butterfly display.

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