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Calling All Butterfly Friends!As I have been searching all over the internet for new butterflies, moths, and exotic insects, I have noticed an ever growing online trend: crazy prices! I've seen similar products selling for as much as 300% cheaper than similar vendors! That's just crazy! We've decided to pass along the savings to you - but first, a word of explanation:Part of the reason this price gap is growing so dramatically is because of our crazy economy - some vendors are simply desperate to sell their products. Part of the reason this is happening is because there is a large difference in real butterfly products sold by various vendors. For instance, some butterfly vendors sell "A1" quality butterflies (essentially perfect specimens) and other vendors sell "A1-" quality butterflies (may be missing antennae or may have a minor slit in a wing) and other vendors sell "A2" quality butterflies (clearly damaged). Incidentally, we can sell all three: A1 quality displays are sold as "Collectors Mounts"; A1- are sold as our default mount (this is true of almost all quality vendors; usually, these are perfect specimens lacking an antennae - we rarely sell butterflies with slit wings, although this can happen with age and usually isn't noticeable by the average person); A2 displays are sold as Riker Mounts.While these designations can be quite helpful, there is a growing trend among ebay vendors and disreputable butterfly farmers to sell poor quality ("A2") butterflies as "A1-" products - or to sell poor quality butterflies for the cheaper price while representing that the display is high quality. Sometimes this is not disclosed; sometimes it is - however, when it is disclosed, there is a growing trend to "define" "A1-" quality somewhere in the fine print as a butterfly that is essentially "A2" quality. To be fair, some of these folks just don't speak English very well and their country holds different quality standards than American customers hold. This means that an experienced customer may pay for a poor quality butterfly under the mistaken belief that he or she is paying for a near imperfect butterfly - RATS!.All of this highlights why you should be purchasing from a high quality vendor. To make that happen, we will price match other vendors who are selling similar products. True - we carry many products that no one else carries so there is nobody to price match with! However, for our displays, you can price match all day long. Here is what you need to do: (1) check the style of display; acrylic boxes are more expensive to produce than wooden displays - this means that you need to match acrylic box prices with acrylic box pricing and wooden display prices with wooden display pricing. There are varying qualities of wood as well but we will probably ignore that issue. (2) send us a link of the product that you are looking at (ebay or similar auction typed stores are exempted unless the price advertised is a FIXED price. (3) give us some time to verify that the vendor is legit, the listing is legit, and that we carry the same product. The end result? We will price match anything we reasonably can! If we are unable to price match for whatever reason (sometimes getting exotic butterflies properly through customs can increase our wholesale purchase pricing - which can sometimes be evaded by unscrupulous ebay vendors), we will send you a coupon code for your next purchase with us or we will send you a free product for your trouble! If we can price match, we will send you a coupon code for the specific display that you are looking at so that you can purchase the display at the lowest possible price.Whatever the end result, you win!

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