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Present The Butterfly Store Blog Is Real Butterfly Art Underused in Hospital Décor?

A peaceful and serene environment for patients in hospitals is an absolute necessity. Accordingly, modern hospitals go to great lengths to create a pleasant and peaceful environment. This is only reasonable after all - every one of their patients is suffering in one way or another so trying to keep them calm and relaxed should be a high priority. Many (if not most) hospitals try to create that pleasant environment by plastering their walls with relatively inexpensive paintings of pastel flowers, modern art, or photographs. That probably is not an especially bad start - although it leaves each hospital totally devoid of any bragging rights over their unique décor. It is when hospitals move towards their purchases of larger displays that they go south in a hurry. They frequently go to great lengths to expend large amounts of money on one or more large pieces of modern art, geometric sculptures, or some other in vogue (though not especially appreciated by the masses) form of artistic expression posing as art. One has to wonder - why don't hospitals save thousands of dollars by moving in another direction by displaying something instantly popular, intuitively calming, and deeply symbolic? Butterflies score on every count.Intuitively SymbolicButterflies are an iconic symbol of new beginnings. Where could one possibly hope to better employ this symbol than in a hospital where hundreds and thousands of people recover from life changing experiences? Who needs rejuvenated hope for a new beginning more than someone who has lost a limb from an accident? someone who will suffer a long and painful recovery before returning to their normal life? someone who may have lost a loved one, their health, and their employment after a certain accident? All of these people need some sort of hope for a new beginning in life. There is even a butterfly that brags the possibility of curing a number of children's diseases: the Papilio Dardanus Dardanus. It's a beautiful butterfly and there is no reason why it couldn't quickly become an icon of hope for children in the pediatrics wing of any modern hospital. In short, butterflies are deeply symbolic - more so than most any modern art sculpture, geometric display, or even a pastel painting of a flower.Butterfly FlightsLarge displays of dozens, if not hundreds of butterflies can adorn the entryways of hospitals at relatively low cost. True, there is a downside to huge butterfly displays - they can be breathtaking and maybe that is not so good for some hospital patients! While there are not many high quality vendors out there who can do large displays, they can be found and they are worth hiring. Some vendors feature butterfly displays that change from one color to another or that are color coordinated. True - butterflies do fade over time so they have needed replaced every decade or so in the past - but now, you can get UV protected displays that practically alleviate this problem.3D SculpturesTraditionally, real butterflies could only be placed on the wall in flat displays. Many interior designers found this to be an intolerable limitation - and understandably so. However, real butterflies on wires make the possibility of three dimensional displays much much greater. Because of this modern innovation, Huge three dimensional butterfly displays can be created with limitless artistic possibilities of expression. Anyone who has ever seen large butterfly displays like these knows that they are instantly popular, they are well liked, and they can be deeply symbolic. Whether "stunning," "gorgeous," or "breathtaking," they create a much nicer atmosphere for hospital patients than stuffy pictures of the local town fifty years ago; they are likely to create a better atmosphere than trendy modern art that needs replaced every decade or so; they may even be more likely to create a better atmosphere than those generic, pastel colored paintings of flowers that adorn nearly every hospital well!

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