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Piksel Blog Metadata – The Key to Your Success

In the last blog, we discussed the current consumption patterns for media and how a media organization has no choice but to automate processes in order to continue to grow revenues. This is largely because they must produce media suitable for consumption on an ever-growing list of display platforms. In addition, they must ensure that the content delivered to a specific geography is culturally appropriate for that geography and fulfils all statutory and regulatory requirements. It is quite evident that these requirements lead to the generation of multiple copies of the same basic programming, all of which must be managed individually by the overarching orchestration system. The system must be able to identify each of these variants individually, ensure that the correct version is delivered to the correct endpoint, and provide metrics that prove delivery in order to be able to collect the appropriate revenue for that deliverable. When correctly utilized, metadata also simplifies the tasks of media retrieval and repurposing – after all, you can’t monetize a piece of media if you can’t find it!

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