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Mondi: Mondi Hug&Hold sustainable alternative to plastic shrink wrap

Mondi Hug&Hold is a recyclable, paper-based alternative to plastic shrink wrap for PET bottle bundle packs.It comprises two elements that provide secure and safe transportation as well as stacking of bundles of bottled drinks. It has a patent-pending sleeve, made of 100% kraft paper, which wraps around the bottles to hold them securely. The sleeve is made from Advantage SpringPack Plus, with high tensile strength, allowing enough weight to be withstood to strap and stabilise the bottles during transportation.There is a corrugated clip to hold the bottles around the neck, a handle available for carrying and transportation, and functionality to separate single bottles from the pack.The company worked with Krones to ensure that bottles can be packed in a fully automated process, with the latest Krones machines.The product is currently available for 0.5-1.5 L PET bottles in bundles of six or four.

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