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ABB: ABB launches brewing control system

ABB has launched its ABB Ability BeerMaker process control solution to further support breweries in their operational efficiency through digital transformation.ABB says it will benefit beer-makers seeking to optimise their processes, reduce their impacts on water and energy resources and meet consumer demand for more sustainably crafted drinks. The solution is based on the ABB Ability System 800xA distributed control system and will help brewers improve process quality, achieve high engineering and operator efficiency, enhance safety and boost plant productivity.The process automation solution comprises a technological package including a control system with batch functionality following the worldwide S88 standard and a digital twin to simulate new recipes. Crafted and tested with brewing knowledge from ABB's brewmaster, it can be adapted for each customer using a variety of parameters. ABB's brewmaster, who has the notable achievement of qualifications from Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan, devised the new package alongside a team with deep process know-how.ABB says ready-made and tested templates and objects bring a high level of automation and intelligence of plant functions into operators' hands. There is a prepared inventory for queue handling, diagnostics and comprehensive cleaning in place (CIP) support.Designed to meet the industry's need for intuitive, visual solutions, BeerMaker will help to empower operators to manage their preferred operating procedures and have freedom to use the package on computers, tablet or mobile devices. Teams can gain greater process certainty by testing on a real-time digital twin, a complete and operational representation of the control system and a powerful tool for companies deciding on a new strategy to easily simulate new recipes.Additional digital solutions based on ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) have the capabilities to identify energy consumption and beer or extract losses, as well as to provide reporting functions and dashboard visualisation. These include the ABB Ability BatchInsight concept, which can use big data analytics to identify process anomalies."Our new solution is from our own ABB brewmaster for brewmasters and truly has domain-specific knowledge embedded as well as ABB's expertise from years in this field," said Marcello Gulinelli, Global Head of Food and Beverage, Process Automation, ABB."We're confident it is a technological package that is ready for advanced and digital solutions," said Gernut van Laak, Brewmaster and Global Food and Beverage Solution Manager, ABB. "It can be applied within a customer's installed base to enhance efficiencies and help reach sustainability targets."We are using the full breadth of our automation and control system platform and connect the whole factory, including shop floor operations, simulation, digital and control room solutions, with less engineering and always with the possibility for expansion. We're looking forward to further work with brewing customers to optimise to their plant specifics."Image: Supplied

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