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MainNerve Blog Hacking Your Car… Should you be worried?

There has been a lot of conversation about the dangers of your car being hacked since two researchers revealed the fact that they could hack into and take over a car while it was actually moving on a highway. The hack, which required the injection of malware into a vehicles entertainment center through an infected cell phone and then taking control of various automobile computer controlled functions, was released with grave concern from the public and government sectors, while the automotive sector was quite hostile to the possibility. The hack is to be discussed at next week's Black Hat convention in Las Vegas. Fortunately, this hack demonstrates the requirements necessary for the hack to take place and they are pretty difficult for any hacker, except the most experienced, to put into play. So I don't think that you will see a multitude of cars under the control of hackers driving themselves off bridges, into the ocean or at 150 MPH...CONTINUE READING...The post Hacking Your Car... Should you be worried? appeared first on MainNerve Cyber Security.

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