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Ken Garff Honda Downtown Blog To: Boring, Oregon

Dear Boring, Oregon,Hello there. I've harbored deep feelings for you for the longest time, but I can't hold in those emotions anymore: I love you.I imagine that you're surprised and a little more than curious as to why I love you so much. I guess it all started the first time I heard your town slogan, "The most exciting place to live." It hooked me in, and I had to learn more. I've been watching you ever since. From the BoringBook Club to BoringSquare Garden, you more than live up to your claim.But what started out as simply a crush, has now blossomed into so much more. We have tons in common. You see, I too love all things boring. In fact, I live for it. In an ever-changing society, I appreciate that you have stayed steady and true to your roots, laying hold on your founder's influence. I value the reliable nature of your town. I know that when I visit, I will be able to see glimpses into the past that you so cherish. I love that you aren't anxious to keep pace with the accelerated growth other towns fall victim to, because you and I both know that at the end of the day, boring reliability is the foundation that a safe community is built on.You are truly unlike any other town. Almost any other community would name their schools after famous people or beautiful locations, but only you have the courage to embrace who you are and name your middle school Boring. Other places would try to get sister cities that are flashy and famous; you, on the other hand, have decided to pair up with Dull, Scotland, and its robust population of 84. These sorts of things make me feel like you and I are two peas in a very boring pod.You see, being boring isn't just a passing fancy -- it's something I embrace just as strongly as you do. As a Honda dealership, my carsare all about being boringly reliable. They aren't anything exotic or avant garde. They're dependable and they know it. Throughout every step of the design process, they were made to be safe and run well for years on end. They are unassuming and dedicated to ensuring the safe travel of their passengers.So if you ever feel alone in the world, like nobody else understands how you feel about boringness, please don't forget me and my love for you. Though we may be far apart, our dedication to boring can always bring us closer.Boringfully yours,Ken Garff Honda Downtown

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