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Jut Blog Improved StatsD to Measure Application Performance Metrics

Jut has long had the ability to ingest metrics from StatsD. In addition to being useful for many of our customers, we make extensive use of StatsD ourselves for collecting metrics inside Jut's services.StatsD allows us to get a really clear picture of how the product is functioning. The API is so simple and lightweight that we log hundreds of metrics in all critical parts of the code. However, StatsD out-of-the box does have a couple downsides:StatsD is reliant on the Graphite protocol, which squeezes metric type metadata (gauge, counter, etc) together with the name of the metric.StatsD lacks a native support for the custom tagging of points.To solve these problems, we released statsd-jut-backend to the open source community.With the new backend, points will look like this:{ metric_type: "counter", name: "requests.http", source_type: "metric", stat: "sum", time: "2015-08-28T03:07:27.866Z", value: 42 }...instead of this:{ name: "counters.request.http", source_type: "metric", time: "2015-08-28T03:07:27.866Z", value: 42 }In addition, if split_keys is enabled in the configuration of statsd-jut-backend, the backend supports sending key-value pairs to Jut without making any code changes to your application. With the option enabled, sending a counter named hamburger.orders.cheese_slices__2.ketchup__no will result in the following point in the Jut system: { metric_type: "counter", name: "hamburger.orders", cheese_slices: 2, ketchup: "no", source_type: "metric", stat: "sum", time: "2015-08-28T03:07:27.866Z", value: 235 }An additional benefit of the new backend is that the application metrics are encrypted in transport between StatsD and the Jut system, since all Jut endpoints are HTTPS-based.We hope statsd-jut-backend is as useful for you as it is for us. We welcome any feedback, issues, and pull requests!

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