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Reviewing a shot of Trainerbot lit with PriolitesAlex Munoz (left) filming the photoshoot as Sabrina (model) practices her return. Lit with 3 lights: Priolites MBX500 with Softlighter with another MBX500 gridded behind her.Shot with Pentax 645z + 45-80mm lens: f/4.5 at 1/800Tom looking dapper with the same MBX500 + Softlighter and gridded MBX500 hairlight setup.Priolite MBX500 + Softlighter on Sabrina with a bare MBX1000 flash on Tom.Shooting at 1/400 with Pentax 645Z as enabled with PriolitesPhotoshoot: Trainerbot x PriolitesI had the opportunity to produce a shoot with Trainerbot, the first ping pong robot that can be controlled by your smart phone along with German lighting company Priolite.I shoot with Pentax's 645Z medium format camera and the last shot above with multiple ping pong balls in the air would've been impossible simply because the flash sync speed is limited to 1/125 second. And the above photo's shutter sync speed was at 1/400. And that's just scratching the surface: I could effectively use my 645Z's top shutter speed which is 1/4000 (hey, it's a medium format camera) with flash.I've been shooting with flash for awhile now. I started with a pair of Minolta 5600 hotshoe flashes almost a decade ago (and I still use it today as a mobile setup), moved on to Alien Bees and then Paul C. Buff's Einsteins. So, why another lighting company, Priolite?A few good reasons:1.) Flash sync speed.Most cameras have a limit on a flash sync speed: 1/160, 1/200, 1/250. And why does this matter? Because if your subject is fast, your intention of freezing it won't happen. Priolite enables cameras to shoot up to 1/8000. Bumping even from 1/250 to 1/8000 is insane. Now it's just up to you to take advantage of those creative possibility.2) Truly wireless with its built-in Li-Ion battery.Other similar companies have this feature and it's definitely a godsend to not work with electrical wires and the need to tape it down for safety. Priolite makes it easy to check the battery level and its on/off switch is covered so there are no chances of it turning on its case in transit. And if you're running low on juice, just plug it in-you can operate the lights still.3) The wireless remote is straight forward.I bought Paul C. Buff's Cyber Commander. But I didn't use it so I sold it. Its buttons are small, the screen, while it displayed a lot of info, it was too hard to just set the lights, adjust each accordingly, and fire them all together.Priolite's remote control may be big and while it's simplistic in terms of design, it's just easy to use right from the very beginning. Turn on the lights, the remote control quickly finds it. Set each light's power output and the light reflects it immediately. Deselect individual lights to fire so you can meter each light and then turn them all back on to fire for the shot. I did all this instantly out of the box without having to look into a manual.4) Built like a tank.Ok, I may haven't even touched a real tank but I do know the phrase which implies durability. Alien Bees and Einsteins may be light but that's due to its mostly plastic construction.Priolites housing is metal and while it's heavier, rest assured it's meant to last from one photoshoot to another.And what makes Priolite even better? A light version :) Priolite just announced their new line Ultra. A smaller form factor with the same 500ws power output of its MBX500.Their currently on Kickstarter pre-selling their Priolite Ultra with a limited quantity for $799. Stay tuned for more on my workflow with Priolite!Disclaimer: I'm an ambassador for Priolite. I don't get paid or compensated but my opinion is my own.

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