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Jcasas Photography Blog 100% Crops from my Pentax 645z. And damn it’s good.

I got around to shooting with my new Pentax 645z medium format camera + a 55mm 2.8 lens as the perfect opportunity came in to test its 51.4mp resolution power–Muir Woods. My cousins from NYC are here and they wanted to hike so what better way then to spend the morning with these beautiful redwood trees.This isn’t a comprehensive review as it’s literally my first time really using it. If I were serious about landscape photography, I’d:1) Use a tripod to2) Shoot at lower ISO to3) Shoot with higher depth of field for maximum sharpnessSo all these shots were done by hand and while I will want to write a more thorough review, despite its weight and heft, I can say that for a 5′5 person that this camera is super comfortable to hold [even after getting used to shooting with Sony’s mirrorless a7s]. And yes, they have been edited via VSCO in Lightroom so I’m including a screenshot of the first image untouched because its RAW files are beautiful to work with due to its high dynamic range–esepcially when recovering shadows. However, the remaining of these images were just JPEGS since I choose not save the RAW version when I captured it [one of the great features of the 645z: you take a photo in JPEG as default but upon reviewing, you can choose to save the RAW DNG version as it is stored on the camera’s buffer memory temporarily].First up, a shot of many young redwood trees at 1/400, f/2,8 @ ISO 1000.And the 100% crop in the center:RAW capture:Next up: some ferns at 1/320, f/2.8 @ ISO 1000.100% crop:[Didn’t shoot the above in RAW so it’s pretty much SOOC]Roby at 1/160, f/2.8 @ ISO 1000:100% Crop:Redwood’s roots: 1/160, f/f2.8 @ ISO 1000100% Crop:Ken among the redwoods 100% Crop:And of course had the wife to take a portrait of me :) 1/400, f/2.8 @ ISO 1000100% Crop:Bonus, Golden Gate Bridge from Marin Headlands: 1/160, f/8 @ ISO 100100% Crop:100% Crop:Overall, I’m super stoked about this camera. And while yes, it’s just a piece of hardware, I can truly say that it got me excited again to be back creating images. While the Sony a7s is a great low light performer, Pentax’s 645Z blows me away by not only its image quality, but by how it makes me feel while taking photos. It sounds wishy washy indeed but trust me on this, holding it and using it is beautiful. Looking forward to bringing back this photo blog from the dead :)- JJ

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