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Heritage Distilling Blog Women's Month at HDC | Part 2

Part 2 | Women's History Month is an annually declared month (March) that highlights the contributions of women throughout the years to the present time. At Heritage Distilling Co. (HDC) we are proud to be led by a handful of ambitious women throughout the various facets of our growing business. The spirits industry is notably characterized as being a male-dominated industry. But that isn't to say women aren't blazing the trail and making moves across the board. In fact, many powerful women are steering the ship for other well-known liquor brands as well. We want to celebrate this month by highlighting several remarkable women behind our brand. Read below for Women's Month part 1 and get to know a few fearless females who are tenaciously building HDC to what it is today. Hannah Hanley Chief Marketing Officer, Heritage Distilling Co. What is your favorite cocktail? Hannah: My favorite cocktail is either a French 75 using our Elk Rider Gin or a classic Old Fashioned using our Dual Barrel (Orange) Bourbon. What advice do you have for women aiming for leadership in their companies? Hannah: My advice is always to work a lot harder then anyone else around you, volunteer to help and bring solutions forward. I also believe that leaders should always listen to the people around them   How has working with other talented women helped you shape your career? Hannah: I’ve always worked with extremely talented and professional women. One of the most inspirational aspects has been working with women who balance family and work. Having a family and a career is challenging while at the same time taking time to take care of yourself, spend time with friends and maintain other healthy habits. I don’t think there is such thing as complete balance, but working with other women has taught me that prioritizing time and being efficient is key to success. What excites you most about working at HDC? Hannah: HDC is always evolving and growing, no two days are the same and the opportunities to help expand the business are endless. This is a start up and that means there isn’t always a process in place, but it also means that creativity is truly fostered. If you could drink BSB with any person dead or alive who would it be?   Hannah: Megan Markle... I want to know everything! Amy Harmon Vice President of Sales, On Premise, Heritage Distilling Co. What is your favorite cocktail? Amy: A vodka martini, slightly dirty with blue cheese stuffed olives. In your own opinion, how do you see the spirits industry shifting for women? Amy: In my opinion, many women are realizing they have a voice and they are starting to feel more comfortable using it. It is still a male dominated industry, but as diversity and inclusion have become an important platform in many industries, including the spirits industry, more and more women are receiving opportunities they deserve. As more women step into leadership roles in the spirits industry there will be a natural shirt in mentorship and a change in the mentality of who can do senior level roles. How has working with other talented women helped you shape your career? Amy: It has always been nice to have other strong, smart, talented women around me professionally. It has given me additional strength in past roles to know there were other younger women looking up to me as an example and I built so much of my leadership style through the knowledge I gained from women I worked with and for over the years. As a Mom, it is also nice to have other working Moms around to share the experience of work/life balance in a way only another working Mom would understand! What excites you most about working at HDC? Amy: The opportunity to be a part of something that is growing and constantly evolving is super exciting. The fact that we are taking BSB nationally is also extremely exciting because I get the opportunity to learn about how the on premise operations perform across the United States and come up with innovative ways to make BSB successful in different markets for different consumers. If you could drink BSB with any person dead or alive who would it be?   Amy: If I could drink BSB with anyone it would be Jackie Kennedy, I have a feeling that much like myself she would prefer the BSB 103 and we could share an affinity for a 103 Old Fashioned! Melanie Seabrook Production Lead I, Heritage Distilling Co. What excites you most about working for HDC? Melanie: What is excites me about working for HDC is that HDC has great workplace culture. HDC is a place where you can grow. Knowing that the company is passionate toward its products and employees is major! It’s a place where you can have fun, work hard and make history! How did you begin work in the spirits industry? Melanie: I wanted a change in career, I wanted to learn about something I knew nothing about. I was talking my friend Cindy Glass and she said, “Hey, I know a great place for you to work!", she knew how much I loved to learn new things. I was and still am eager to soak up the knowledge about the spirits industry. How much did you know about spirits before you started?  I knew what tastes I preferred, and that’s about it. I had a glass of BSB with a splash of cranberry juice and I was in awe.   How would you describe the company culture here? Melanie: HDC is one big happy family! If you could drink BSB with any person dead or alive who would it be? Melanie: My mother, who passed away March 11, 2018. She didn’t drink much, only on holidays, but she could recognize a class act. I would love to sit with her and talk about these past 2 years, sharing the knowledge and experiences I have had. I know she would be proud of me and the achievements I’ve had over these last few years. What’s your favorite cocktail?Melanie: BSB 103 mixed with Lemonade. Perfect for the Summer!

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