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Hendrick Honda Blog What are the Most Common Honda Service Needs in Florida?

Up in the Northeast, used cars from our area are advertised as "Florida cars"--for good reason. Our cars tend to live longer than cars in other states, partly because they're saved from the salt, ice, and snow of the North, but also because Florida drivers know how to take care of their vehicles.If you've recently bought a new Honda--or you're looking for ways to maximize the life of your Honda--it's important to find the best service centers near Fort Lauderdale, with a team you trust, and know what types of Florida issues to look out for.We've picked out three common service problems for Florida drivers.Sun & UV DamageWe won't complain about a sunny, summer day--but your car might. As we move into spring, and soon, summer, taking special care of Honda includes protecting it from the sun. Since Boca Raton and surrounding cities are closer to the equator, the power of the sun is more intense down here; as anyone who's ever gotten a mean sunburn can tell you. But those UV rays that wreak havoc on skin can also bleach out the color of your car's paint, and--if you have leather seats--can cause the leather to dry out, fade, and crack. Our Honda service center can help you learn to keep cooler, and our detailing services can help replenish your car's interior.Heating & Cooling IssuesProblems with car heaters or A/C systems aren't exclusive to Florida, but not having climate control options in Coral Springs is unthinkable. If you're having trouble warming up your car on chilly mornings, or keeping cool in the heat of midday, contact Hendrick Honda Pompano Beach so we can help get your system back on track.Corrosion & Rust from Salt Water (Coastal Cities)If you live or travel in Delray Beach and West Palm Beach often, you may notice a fine layer of salt that accumulates on the outside of your car. Even if you're not directly exposing your vehicle to the salt water, the ocean spray and the lingering salt in the air can still make their way onto your car and, over time, cause a lot of damage through corrosion and body rusting. When you bring in your Honda for a service, ask the desk about our car-wash options.Of course, apart from these common service issues, you'll need to keep an eye on oil change service, recommended tire rotations, brake inspections, battery replacement, and all of the basics.Schedule your Honda service appointment today.

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