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With the release of Beta 3 of ExpressionEngine 6, we wanted to highlight a few of the more important updates. New Features For starters, you’ll notice there’s a new Entries Listing page. It’s been redesigned in an effort to greatly increase the usability of this page. You can also clear individual filters, as well as control which columns are displayed, and in what order. By default, we now hide the ability to enable PHP in templates. To enable PHP in templates you will now have to first set the $config['allow_php'] = 'y'; in order to have the option to enable PHP in a template. If ExpressionEngine finds that PHP is already enabled for a template during the upgrade to v6 (or from previous Beta 6 releases), this config variable is automatically set to ‘y’. We did this to ensure the ease of use and to keep it from being a breaking change. For more info on this, see the docs Blacklist / whitelist Module and associated libraries have been renamed to block / allow. Please note, this is also backwards compatible and will not break existing config settings. We do encourage people to update them accordingly. New default error message templates have been added. This brings them more in line with the EE 6 styles. The default templates can also be overridden in the template manager. The styling of one-click updater has been fixed, but won’t be seen until beta 4, as it gets downloaded in this beta release. We’ve also pushed a large update to the Control Panel styles and display elements commonly used in Add-ons. This will make the process of upgrading add-ons from ExpressionEngine v5 to v6 easier, since the styles being used fall more in line with the new Control Panel without having to make additional changes. There’s a lot more to this release that hasn’t been called out in this blog post. Please check out the changelog below to see all of the changes or check out the docs for more details. Beta 3 (Release: November 5, 2020) Enhancements ๐Ÿš€ New filters bar with better layout, simpler search, and individual filter clearing! allow_php config override now needs to be set in config.php to be able to enable PHP in templates. The Blacklist/Whitelist Module for ExpressionEngine has been renamed to Block and Allow Module. upload_file_name_blacklist config override renamed to upload_blocked_file_names Upload Directory and Upload Path are now populated with {base_url} and {base_path} by default when creating new Upload Directories. exp_sites.site_pages data type has been changed to MEDIUMTEXT. The success notification for a saved entry now links back to the saved entry. New member groups no longer have access to HTTP-protected templates by default #279. Moved language files from system/ee/legacy folder to system/ee/language. Improved error message for removed models and tables. Updated default system error messages to use new v6 design. Updated styles for 1-Click Updater and Installer Screens Documentation ๐Ÿ“ Added docs for adding the aliases key to add-on-setup.php file. Added docs for new allow_php config override. Bug Fixes ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ› Resolved #554 where the selector to change number of displayed items per page was having no affect on translations page in CP. Resolved #581 where not clearing cache during an upgrade caused issue with a previously removed MySQL table. Resolved #582 where there was an inconsisteny in the fieldtype properties of the Toggle fieldtype. Resolved #583 where using fieldtype name to get addon icon was causing an error. #586 - supressed deprecation message and moving logging deprecation message to the CP’s Developer Log. Resolved #589 where putting line breaks in the {pagination_links} tag would cause rendering issues. Resolved #590 where a new grid row could not be deleted when there is only one row. Resolved #594 where Live Preview button is not fixed to top of window when the entry editor form is scrolled vertically. Resolved #596 which showed an invalid links to EE Docs for Members. Resolved issue where new template groups were not recognized on a blank install until the user also creates a new template group in the Template Manager. Resolved #431 where the EE Block/Allow list was not able to be downloaded from within the Block/Allow Module.

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