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Today we’re happy to release ExpressionEngine 6 Beta 4. In this release, you’ll find a new sidebar navigation, as well as a greatly improved responsive control panel, and many other additions and fixes detailed below. What’s to Come If everything goes as planned, this will be our last Beta release. Thereafter, we’ll have a Release Candidate (RC) followed by the final full release of ExpressionEngine 6. It is our intention that 6.0 will be fully released before the new year. We’ve heard from several developers that their add-ons are ready for ExpressionEngine 6. If you’re an add-on developer working to upgrade your add-ons to version 6 and have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in Slack and we’ll be happy to jump in and answer any questions you may have. While the largest changes in this release are the responsive updates and the new navigation, there’s a lot more to beta 4 than that. Check out the change log for the full list of changes. Beta 4 (Release: November 25, 2020) Enhancements ๐Ÿš€ The Control Panel sidebar has been reorganized for better navigation. Fixed many responsive design issues with the Control Panel. Added warnings if Live Preview cannot be used because of CORS protection. reference Issue #584 Merged 5.4(released during 6.0 beta.) updates into 6.0. See 5.4 changelog Bug Fixes ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ› Resolved #618 where a field’s settings were not cleared after change the field to another similar fieldtype. Resolved #617 where a Grid fieldtype Min/Max settings were not being obeyed when used inside a Fluid field Resolved #616 where the RTE Toolbar was not rendering from inside a Grid Field that’s inside a Fluid field. Resolved a bug where a user could not select a file from the selector in a File Grid field within a fluid field. Resolved a bug where some Member forms seemed hardcoded to return to /member despite having the Profile URL segment set to something else. Resolved errors with the {exp:member:edit_profile} tag Added back support for tbl-bulk-act class which created issues for legacy add-ons using bulk edit functions select menus. Resolved a bug where the 1-Click Updater would stop during Preflight Check because it was not checking for trailing slashes in base_path. Resolved a bug where a member roles with users assigned to it could not be deleted. Documentation ๐Ÿ“ Updated docs for creating form views in the Control Panel Docs 94 Merged 5.4(released during 6.0 beta) updates into 6.0 documentation

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