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Insurance agents and brokers are insurance professionals who are intermediaries between insurance companies and customers.Who is an insurance agent?Insurance agents serve as a link between the customers and the insurance companies. Their function is more on an administrative level. They perform the paperwork, process policy forms and premiums for the policy holder. The insurance agents job ends once the customer takes the policy. It is for the customer to make an informed decision when buying policies and the insurance agent does not have any role in it. He is just a facilitator.Insurance agents come in two types. The captive insurance agent is one who works for a single company and an independent insurance agent is one who works for many companies.Who is an insurance broker?Insurance brokers are more professional than the insurance agents. They may help a customer to make the right decision on the policies. They offer a host of insurance policies for a customer to consider. When compared to insurance agents, the insurance brokers have more duties. Apart from the administrative role, the insurance brokers will analyse different policies and help a customer in securing the right policy.Insurance brokers are more qualified than the insurance agents. And the fee of an insurance broker is higher than that of the fee of an insurance agent. Moreover, the insurance brokers can function only if they have a broker's license.Knowing the difference between an insurance agent and an insurance broker is the key to understanding how you, as an insurance policy holder, can make the best use of their services for your insurance and financial requirements. We help you understand what exactly they do so that you can make an informed choice while buying insurance.While the insurance agent is just a mediator between the insurance companies and the customer, the insurance broker is more than that. Where the insurance agent just gives you all aspects of a particular policy, the insurance broker goes beyond just explaining the merits and demerits of a policy. Unlike the insurance agents, the insurance broker is independent.ParametersInsurance AgentInsurance BrokerWhom do they represent?An Insurance Company. You are their customer.You, meaning you are their clientWhat do they do?Offer you products available with the insurance company with whom they are associated. Responsible for accurate processing of forms, paperwork and premiumsHelp you choose the most suitable insurance policy among different insurance companies and productsHow do they work?They can represent a maximum of 1 life insurance, 1 general insurance and 1 health insurance company and can give you detailed insights aboutThey can give you information about several insurance companies and help you compare their productsReliability and trust are crucial factors for you to consider when deciding which insurance policy you should invest in. The first step to trust is knowledge, and that's where insurance agents and brokers can help you. But no matter what you are advised, the final decision always lies with you, so use it wisely. To start off with, you can invest in European Lists' EU Insurance Agents Email Addresses from European countries like the UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Germany and others. You can contact us today to get more details on European Insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers.Written by: for European ListsList Source: European Insurance Agents Email Lists and DatabasesContact: +(44) 800 088 5190Email: [email protected] Additional Sources:

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