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Everyone should have chickens. They are the most glorious, stupid, busy animal companions I have ever had.I have wanted chickens for a long time. My mother's ex-boyfriend once photoshopped a picture of a chicken coop into my mother's garden with the caption "SURPRISE!". Needless to say, such emotionally fraught pranks were not well received.I have chickens now. I have six of them. And they are hilarious.They self clean their coop because of all the busy scritchy-scratching they do.They turn over your garden beds. Ours go mad for oxalis, so they busily weed everything when they free range.They mostly survive on kitchen scraps and things they forage in the garden. They sometimes eat so much they waddle more than our ducks do.They attack our dogs and ducks. Scratch that - they are independent and fierce and this is to be celebrated.Chickens are flirty. Whenever you stand near them, they'll automatically squat, thinking you're a rooster.Chickens are incredibly busy. They are indignant if you hold them up in their important busy-ness.They make cute noises. Not like our ducks. Ducks are noisy (and dirty and muddy and chronic garden-bed-flatteners).Chickens like to lay their eggs in unexpected places. This makes for a fun game of guess-how-long-that-egg-has-been-there-for.Once, I let my chicken come inside. Now she stalks me from outside the house and will peck at the windows of whatever room I'm in. She'll also sit and peck at the front door and make whinging noises. If she does manage to get in, she roosts in inappropriate places and/or gets stuck behind our stereo.Chickens like shiny things. I like shiny things. We relate well to each other.They also make you breakfast every day. Which is just so thoughtful. All my dog ever gives me is a sock or sometimes a vindictive wee.Now. GO FORTH and get chickens!

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