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DYESOL Blog July Q&A 2017

Our Managing Director, Richard Caldwell, answers your questions sent during the month of July 2017. Due to an article, Merck is still the provider of electrolyte systems. How is the relationship at present with Merck?Greatcell retains a close relationship with Merck as a provider of precursor chemicals, especially in relation to DSC based materials manufacture and sales. We no longer have a materials development collaboration as Merck is not focused on PSC. Could you give us an update of the collaboration with CSIRO? australischen Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.CSIRO is the leading government research agency in Australia and world renowned for its innovation. Greatcell has a memorandum of understanding which confirms our close relationship as a preferred development partner in the field of PSC. CSIRO plays an important role in independent testing of cells, modules and panels. Currently, we are also exploring options for co-location of a prototype facility at the CSIRO in Clayton, Victoria. Could you give us an update on the collaboration with VDL Enabling Technology Group (ETG)?The VDL ETG collaboration is very active. We are currently involved in (a) Phase III of the Realisation phase of the Major Area Demonstration project and (b) a Pilot Line feasibility study.

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