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DYESOL Blog August Q&A 2017

Our Managing Director, Richard Caldwell, answers your questions sent during the month of August 2017. What are your plans regarding China?China is the centre of global PV production. It is also the largest market for solar PV. Its larger PV companies have vast experience in economies of scale achieved through mass production. As a "capital light" company, Greatcell seeks equitable partnerships based on access to cheap funding and routes to market. This is best achieved through the joint-venture model in countries outside Australia. When do you expect to order the equipment for the pilot-line?We are expecting to order MAD prototype equipment within the next month. The lead time can be as much as 6 months, but in many instances is shorter. Much of this equipment will be "automation ready" and able to be converted to pilot line usage when required. What about the timeline building a pilot line in Australia?We are not able to say until the feasibility study is complete.

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