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With your data, trigger mailing can reach the right consumer more efficiently.Certain moments in consumers' lives are flags to marketers. When homeowners decide to buy a new house, they need help from moving companies. If someone signs up for a museum membership, they'll eventually need to renew their pass for exclusive benefits.You've probably experienced some of these moments yourself. These milestones, or specific triggers, create opportunities for brands, institutions, and marketers to reach consumers with pieces of personalized direct mail; pieces you've likely already received in your own mailbox.Using data readily available - purchasing habits and demographics, for example - marketers can synchronize their marketing efforts to fulfill their consumer's needs at precisely the right moment in time.Types of TriggersTrigger mailing exists in almost every market imaginable, acting as the catalyst in the consumers' decision around products and services like:• Automotive sales and service• Software upgrades• Computer service contracts• Gym memberships• Medical appointments• Pet care• Landscaping• Floral arrangements for birthdays and anniversariesTurning Data into Effective Trigger MailngTrigger mailing helps your company create a more integrated marketing strategy by using your current or purchased data to engage customers. Another type of trigger mailing can combine an online and offline strategy. When customers show they're interested in your brand, either by visiting your website, inquiring about a product or service, or placing an item in an online shopping cart, you collect important data that can inform future mailing decisions.The trigger, in this case, is their incomplete visit. If the potential customer didn't make a purchase or sign up for a product, a piece of direct mail can often convert them into a lead. According to research by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), personalized pieces of trigger mail can increase sales by 15% to 30%.We talked more about the Reverse IP Append process in our last blog, and it's just one of the many triggers used to personalize mail pieces for consumers and prospective leads.Benefits of Trigger MailingBy sending targeted mail to just the people whom in some way indicated they would be interested in your service or product, you're already optimizing your direct mail marketing efforts. In doing so, you eliminate sending mail to prospects who aren't likely to respond, targeting those on your lists or in your current customer base who need to see the message you're delivering.When marketers reach consumers at the perfect point in their purchasing journey - while they're in the decision-making process or close to completing their transaction - they're creating a personal touch. The data you collect gives you insight into these triggers, allowing you to spend your marketing dollars and engage with your customers more efficiently. Don't wait; creating an automated trigger program will help you reach prospects in new, personalized ways with your direct mail.Learn more about Darwill's exclusive Targeted Trigger Mailing program today!SidebarPrintMarketingPersonalizedData

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