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Bailey's Blossoms. Blog The Spring Fashion Trends for Kids Clothing That Will Make Them Shine

  The days of struggling to dress your kids in sweaters, big bulky jackets, hats, mitts and boots are finally behind us. The spring season has sprung, and with that comes fresh spring fashion trends to enjoy. Of course, being able to get ready to leave the house in less than an hour is a super bonus. Here are Bailey’s Blossoms, we have gathered the top fashion trends for kids clothing that will bring all the sunshine back into their wardrobe.   Outfits are Easy with Rompers Rompers kids clothing are amazing for so many reasons. Of course, they’re incredibly stylish kids clothes but they are so easy to get on your little ones. With the warmer weather sprouting, your kids are eager to get outside. Getting them dressed can be even harder because they just won’t stop squirming – they’re too excited! Adorable kids rompers are so stylish, there’s no need to fuss with picking out an entire outfit. Slip them into a trending item, and send them off on an adventure.   Scarves when it’s Still a bit Chilly The sun may be shining but the temperature may not be as warm as you hoped for. Fortunately, scarves are one of the biggest spring fashion trends that can be enjoyed by your little ones as well. The lighter fabric won’t overwhelm them with heat, but it’ll give them a little extra warmth when the spring wind blows in some chill.   Little Leg Warmers The same can be said about leg warmers. Although your little ones are eager to wear the brand new girls dresses you recently picked up, it may still be a little too cold for them to be worn barelegged. But stockings may be too warm. What’s a mom to do? Leg warmers are where it’s at. This spring fashion trend is coming back with a statement in all kinds of adorable, cute prints that are perfect for the princesses in your home.   Bright Kids Jewelry When it comes to jewelry spring fashion trends, it’s all about the bigger, the bolder, the better. There are many stunning styles available on Bailey’s Blossoms that can complete your little girl’s outfit, and it will certainly spark some excitement in her day. The Grey and Yellow kids jewelry set is a personal favorite, as it combines the nautical trend with a bold look that is perfect for the season.   Two-Toned Girls Dresses Whether you have a wee-little-one wobbling around your household or have a little lady that loves to pick out her own outfits, the two-toned girls dresses are an absolute must. The tones are perfect for the season, and the frilly accents are way too adorable. There is nothing that says “spring fashion trends” the way these girls dresses do. They can be paired with stockings, leggings, leg warmers, cardigans and even booties to ensure that your little girl’s fashion sense is practical for the weather.   Text Tees T-shirts with text are a huge hit this season, and they’re absolutely adorable as well. Text kids tees are also perfect for showing off your little ones unique personality. Tees are also incredibly versatile and you can never have enough in your kids clothing drawers. They can be paired with jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts and can be layered up if need be. So grab some kids tees that show the world how amazing your little ones are.   The spring fashion trends for kids are definitely worth getting excited about. These top styles will bring some sunshine back into their wardrobe, and so much more into their days. Shop now at Bailey’s Blossoms and enjoy cheap kids clothing that doesn’t sacrifice quality and style.

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