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  Everyone that passes by gushes over your adorable toddler, but you know that behind the cute toddler clothes is a temper tantrum ready to burst. We don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but saying that a toddler is cute all the time is totally unrealistic. Us moms know better than that! Sometimes, even getting them dressed in the cute kids clothing that everyone else melts over is one of the most daunting tasks of the day. So, we have selected the best toddler clothes that are not only fashionable, but will make the toddler stage more bearable.     When You Need a Laugh… Sometimes as a mom, you just need something to make you laugh in between the toddler meltdowns. Kids clothing may not seem like the cure to frustration, but just think about looking at your little one while he’s wearing this shirt. You are bound to laugh and that may be all you need to handle the 59,999,999 other tantrums that are bound to come in this one afternoon alone.   Wild One is Right Let your toddler clothes do all the talking with this t-shirt. They’re a wild one, alright! This adorable cotton t-shirt is perfect for both girls and boys. So, you can dress the whole gang in a shirt that is fairly self-explanatory.   Oh, She’s Fabulous That’s right. Your little toddler sure is fabulous… Fabulous at dropping some serious tantrums. This is just an adorable way to show off your little girl’s independent and sometimes-sassy side. As frustrating as this stage may be, you have to admit you love that your babe has a unique personality that shines. This kids shirt can be the ultimate reminder even when that sassy-shine is a little overwhelming.   The “Model Behavior” shirt is definitely a must-have as well. Cape Craft As a mom, you understand the power of distraction. The trick is finding something that will actually entertain your child for more than their 5-second attention span. Crafts usually work wonders, especially if they involve a cape and something that has to do with superheroes.  Whether you have little girls or boys running around the house, purchase a blank cape and our shape set. Let them set up shop so you can enjoy some “me” time.   Mommy Time Yes! Finally. You’ve distracted the kids long enough to sit down and do something other than chores or chasing toddlers. Finding time for yourself is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. You need that quiet, alone time to recuperate – and we all know how trying the toddler stage can truly be. But as a mom, you know that you never really get alone time to do something that isn’t for the kids. So, make your alone time enjoyable with a Build-a-Tutu set. You can relax as you create cute kids clothing for your little ones, while still being productive and doing something you love.      Toddlers are tough! There is absolutely no denying of that. It’s a fact, but finding little simple pleasures in the midst of all those tantrums can bring some more laughter into your day. Sometimes you just need some kids clothing that says it all, a craft that will calm them down, or an activity for yourself to do. Bailey’s Blossoms has all the items you need to surviving parenthood in the most fashionable, enjoyable and frugal way possible.

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