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Augur Blog Scaling Augur Part 2, A Roadmap

A special thanks to Vitalik Buterin for discussion of many of the ideas in this post.P.S. there's a tldr at the bottomBasic Scaling CommentaryFirst off, we need a way to limit the number of events people are required to report on, which is fairly easy to do. However, we also need a way to select which events these should be (not so easy). We could have whoever pays the highest fee to list an event (i.e. an auction), however I think a better solution is to use the top n events corresponding to the n (maybe 10000) most popular markets by volume. The reason for this is not wanting valuable reporting time being spent on spam markets. This maintains the highest security where it's needed the most. And additionally, we can randomly select people to report on events based on volume (depending on how this plays out when testing, there's a good chance we won't need to have this top n style system at all).We'll need a sorted data structure to keep markets in order of liquidity. This solves the "spam the system with clearly indeterminate events/markets" problem as they won't be in the most popular markets, and some people will happily report indeterminate to nab the bond the event creator put up (but we shouldn't require reporters to report on markets like these). Events beyond this core group would not be required to be reported on, and for the most part, would be either spam or really unsuccessful markets (i.e. ones with almost no trading activity). We also need a way to limit the number of people reporting on the core events (and randomization happens to solve this too). Having the number of people reporting on a given event...Read More

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