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Some people have to sell the drama of "us vs. them" to grab eyeballs, boost website views, sell ads and newspapers, but this can often mean creating false narratives of conflict where none exists or missing the opportunity for groups to work together for mutual benefit and the common good.Take the way that the relationship between blockchain technology and regulators is often framed: as a tale of anarchist pirates twirling their curly mustaches and slapping on Guy Fawkes masks before diving into (suicidal) battle against The Man, while armchair libertarians and other spectators on the sidelines of the Gladiator pit sip on a cool lemonade, lounging under the vernada, waiting with baited breath for the impending bloodbath.It's colorful David-versus-Goliath, Game of Thrones imagery and great entertainment (at least for spectators), but it's also pretty inaccurate - simplistic (and callous), to say the least.For one thing, there's a lot for regulators to love about Augur's system.Augur is transparent. Transactions are recorded and viewable on the blockchain - a groundbreaking innovation in financial technology that both federal and state-level regulators are beginning to appreciate.Our decentralized platform runs on algorithmic smart contracts, eliminating the costly principal-agent problem and counterparty risks that have dogged investors for decades and been the bane...Read More

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