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December 8, 2016TechCrunchNews

Hyper News' offline video app lets you catch up on the headlines during your commute

A new video app from Hyper wants to help you catch up on the latest news during your commute. What's ... See more »
June 30, 2016TechCrunchNews

Hyper, the Mic-owned app for curated videos, comes to iPhones

Hyper founder and CEO Markus Gilles said he has a simple goal - to create "the single best video app.... See more »
August 27, 2015TALKING NEWS MEDIANews

Hyper, new iPad app aggregates third party video content into a digital magazine

The new company behind the app, AntiHero Inc., has received seed money from a group of investors led ... See more »
August 26, 2015FINSMEsNews

Hyper Raises $1.1M in Seed Funding

Hyper, a New York, NY-based curated video...... See more »
August 26, 2015TECHCRUNCHNews

Hyper Brings You The Best Of Internet Video, Every Day

Hyper, a curated video discovery platform, is launching today to provide you with a daily dose of the... See more »
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