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April 3, 2019Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Wanos Central Manager Install on Hyper-V" on VIMEO

Video guide on installation of the Wanos Central Manager on Hyper-VCast: WanosTags: wan optimization,... See more »
April 3, 2019Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Wanos Raw Disk Image" on VIMEO

Writing the Wanos Raw Image directly to SSD with Win32 Disk ImagerCast: WanosTags: wan optimization, ... See more »
November 12, 2018Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Installing Wanos on Amazon AWS" on VIMEO

Step by Step guide to deploy Wanos on Amazon AWS.Wanos is used to create a VPN between the office pri... See more »
June 25, 2018Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Wanos Bandwidth Shaper" on VIMEO

Demo on configuring the Wanos Bandwidth Shaping QoS Traffic PolicyCast: WanosTags: qos, wan optimizat... See more »
June 25, 2018Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Wanos TCP Acceleration Demo" on VIMEO

Wanos TCP Acceleration DemoLink conditions: 250ms and 0.5% loss conditions.Without Wanos the file cop... See more »
June 25, 2018Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"SD-WAN Path Selection Load Balancing" on VIMEO

Wanos SD-WAN Path Selection Demo in a load balancing scenario:Two file copies run simultaneously and ... See more »
May 3, 2018Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"SD-WAN Path Selection Demo - Fail Over Scenario" on VIMEO

Wanos SD-WAN Path Selection Demo in a Fail Over scenario:A file copy under normal conditions achieves... See more »
December 20, 2017Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Packet Loss Recovery & Forward Error Correction (FEC) Demo" on VIMEO

Packet Loss Recovery & Forward Error Correction (FEC) Acceleration DemoLink conditions: 100ms and 2% ... See more »
July 19, 2017Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Wanos WebCache & Cache Statistics" on VIMEO

Video Guide on how to enable the Wanos WebCache and view the Caching StatisticsCast: WanosTags: wan o... See more »
February 23, 2017Disrupt AfricaNews

Wanos Announces Strategic Partnership with IT Savanna Focused on Continued Expansion on the African Continent

Wanos Networks has announced details of yet another impressive win for their unique WAN optimization ... See more »
February 15, 2017PRLogPress Release

Wanos Networks Announces New Strategic Partnership

Wanos is proud to announce their decision to partner with Acrosser Technology to provide them with a ... See more »
January 19, 2017Wanos Networks BlogBlog

TCP Acceleration

TCP AccelerationThe TCP Acceleration Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) is an optional feature that c... See more »
September 8, 2016Wanos Networks Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Deduplication benchmark on Wanos 450" on VIMEO

Deduplication Byte-Cache benchmark on Wanos 450 Wan Optimizer appliance under ideal conditions.PeaK: ... See more »
May 25, 2015TECHCABALNews

Wanos Networks is Raising USD 50,000 in Investment for 5% Equity

Wanos Networks is seeking ZAR 600,000 (USD 50,000) in funding and advice on business development as i... See more »
March 23, 2015Wanos Networks BlogBlog

Packet Loss Recovery

Modern TCP stacks have become more efficient at dealing with latency by adding TCP Window Scaling an... See more »
March 21, 2015Wanos Networks BlogBlog

Router Mode - Out of Path

Wanos runs in bridge mode by default. In some cases it might not be possible to place a simple bridge... See more »
May 29, 2014Wanos Networks BlogBlog

Virtual Wan Optimization - ESXi Lab Guide

Step by Step Guides with screenshots:Single VM install on ESXiComplete Lab on ESXiQuick Start Guide:B... See more »
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