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April 20, 2016Unemployednet BlogBlog

Unemployment rises as referendum uncertainty holds back hiring

UK unemployment has risen by 21,000 to 1.7 million over the three months to February, the Office for ... See more »
February 17, 2016Unemployednet BlogBlog

Further falls in unemployment but wage and claimant numbers disappoint

The last three months of 2015 saw most recent employment trends continue, with 205,000 more people in... See more »
January 4, 2016Unemployednet BlogBlog

Shocking wage growth shows pain is shared by working and workless poor

New research by the Labour Party shows that wage growth will be lower in the Tory decade than at any ... See more »
December 7, 2015Unemployednet BlogBlog

Work capability assessent death apology won't change anything

When Tim Salter killed himself in 2013 after being found fit for work by the government's hated work ... See more »
November 26, 2015UNEMPLOYEDNET BLOGBlog

Autumn Statement - don't celebrate tax credit reversal just yet

The Autumn Statement provides a second bite of the cherry for a Chancellor to clear up the mistakes t... See more »
November 11, 2015UNEMPLOYEDNET BLOGBlog

More opposition to tax credit cuts - but slowing them down does little

There has been a huge amount of opposition to Chancellor George Osborne's proposed tax credit cuts.Th... See more »
November 2, 2015UNEMPLOYEDNET BLOGBlog

Scotland proves welfare reform doesn't help people into work

One of Iain Duncan Smith's favourite policies has been exposed again for the poverty-creating travest... See more »
October 22, 2015UNEMPLOYEDNET BLOGBlog

Tory tax credit rebels forget to rebel

Monday's parliamentary debate on tax credits saw some heartfelt contributions from all parties.None w... See more »
October 14, 2015UNEMPLOYEDNET BLOGBlog

Unemployment fall ends months of rises and pay improves

Unemployment has seen a surprise fall of 79,000 in the last three months, bringing an end to a series... See more »

Iain Duncan Smith's conference speech: same old song, same bum notes

The Conservative Party conference reached its own squeezed middle yesterday, as Iain Duncan Smith was... See more »
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