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April 18, 2018Synctag BlogBlog

Why should we make sense from every opinion from social platform to boost your Business?

Emotion & Sentiment: The advent of social media has made expressing opinions an everyday routine. Hum... See more »
April 2, 2018The Financial ExpressNews

Social Media Management company Synctag raises $308,000 led by Subhkam Ventures

Synctag claims to have clients including Adani, Government of Gujarat, Government of Haryana, Le Meri... See more »
April 2, 2018VCCircleNews

Subhkam Ventures leads investment round in social media analytics firm Synctag

Social media analytics platform Synctag has raised Rs 2 crore ($307, 600) in a fresh round of funding... See more »
April 2, 2018The Economic TimesNews

AI analytics startup Synctag raises series-A funds

This is the fourth round of funding for Synctag, which manages social, email, content and other media... See more »
May 25, 2017Synctag BlogBlog

Handling multiple emails, the right way!

It is common for a human to have more than a single email address for obvious (unknown) reasons. But ... See more »
May 3, 2017Synctag BlogBlog

Sentimental Analysis for Social Media

Sentiments - Real or Reel? Sentiments. Do they matter? Yes, when they come to humans, they do. But wh... See more »
April 11, 2017Synctag BlogBlog

Socially Connected Office Spaces via Synctag

Your office does not allow Social Media? And in Social Media are you being targeted by a lot of ads? ... See more »
April 3, 2017Synctag BlogBlog

Ai Chatbot, make it your brand persona

People rely on Chatbots in every business. Customers of any brand expect an immediate reply for their... See more »
March 29, 2017Synctag BlogBlog

6 ways how hashtags can help you grow your business

The hash character is on the billboard of the internet now. Hashtags can be seen in all major Social ... See more »
March 14, 2017Synctag BlogBlog

How Can Your Business Make The Most Of Social Media?

The World over, the importance of Social Media has been recognised and acknowledged. By 2018, it is e... See more »
March 13, 2017Synctag BlogBlog

What is Social Media anyway?

Internet-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and... See more »
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