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October 15, 2020Traffic Technology TodayNews

StreetLight Data and Ford Mobility collaborate to provide new data-driven safety-enhancing software

StreetLight Data and Ford Mobility, have announced a collaboration to provide safety solutions by com... See more »
October 14, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

Exploring Sample Size with a Daily Trip Sample Ratio for Commercial Vehicles Across the U.S.

Sample size is key for data collection projects in transportation. In this post, we explore how we ev... See more »
October 5, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

How Work-From-Home Affects 2020’s Vehicle Miles Traveled Statistics

To understand (and predict) how work-from-home policies impact vehicle miles traveled statistics, we ... See more »
September 16, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

Park Management: Data Captures Increased Visits to Secure More Resources

Taylor Emerson, Manager of Strategic Planning for the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, e... See more »
September 1, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

COVID-19 Puts Bike-Sharing in the Fast Lane

Bloomberg NEF relied on StreetLight bicycle data and other sources to analyze global demand for bike ... See more »
August 31, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

6 Tips for Adapting Your Transportation Planning Amid Increased Uncertainty

How to adapt short- and long-term transportation planning amid current uncertainty. You can still cha... See more »
August 25, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

Transit Equity for Essential Trips: Lessons From Richmond

How can cities optimize transit equity -- and mobility via other options -- for essential trips? Read... See more »
August 18, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

Bicycle Data to Identify Essential Employee Commutes

Use bicycle data to prioritize infrastructure projects. Find out who is riding, where they are riding... See more »
August 10, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

From Preset to Personalized: Using Transportation Zones in StreetLight InSight®

This guide explains predefined and custom transportation zones to identify which type of zone set wor... See more »
August 7, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

Bicycle Data Distinguishes Recreational Riders from Essential Employees

Use bicycle data to prioritize infrastructure projects. Find out who is riding, where they are riding... See more »
August 6, 2020VentureBeatNews

StreetLight Data raises $15 million to bring big data analytics to city transport

StreetLight Data, a platform that helps cities unlock mobility insights from location data, has raise... See more »
August 3, 2020StreetLight Data BlogBlog

How Big Data Supports Environmental Justice in Transportation

Support environmental justice in transportation with location-based services data. Our analysis prove... See more »
July 23, 2020PRWebPress Release

StreetLight Data and BCG Partner to Help Private and Public Sectors Manage Urban Mobility Amid COVID-19 Lockdown and Reopening

New Index Provides Scope of COVID-19's Impact on Transportation during Lockdown and Reopening(PRWeb J... See more »
May 14, 2020FenderBenderNews

Data Indicates Drivers Returning to Roadways

Drivers have been more active in early May than any time since mid-March.... See more »
April 6, 2020PRWebPress Release

StreetLight Contributes Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Monitor, in Partnership with Cuebiq

Updated Every 48 Hours, Metrics Will Help Transportation Planners and States Adjust Budgets for Unpre... See more »
March 5, 2020Civil Structural EngineerNews

StreetLight Data Delivers Early 2019 Traffic Counts for Nearly Every Road in the Continental U.S., Available On Demand

New Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) for 2019 Available Now SAN FRANCISCO, CA - March 5, 2020 - St... See more »
January 16, 2020PRWebPress Release

First Annual Index Ranks Climate Impact of Transportation for 100 Largest U.S. Metro Areas

StreetLight Data Analysis Reveals New York, San Francisco, and Madison are Leading the Way in Lower-I... See more »
December 2, 2019VentureBeatNews

How StreetLight Data uses machine learning to plug cities into the mobility revolution

StreetLight Data gathers the massive amounts of location data being generated and applies machine lea... See more »
November 4, 2019SmartGrid TodayNews

StreetLight Data, Siemens help cities, states support EVs

November 4, 2019 -- StreetLight Data -- offering "big data" analytics for mobility -- is teaming with... See more »
July 11, 2019Civil Structural EngineerNews

StreetLight Data Expands Its Accurate Traffic Counts to Canada

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - StreetLight Data, Inc, the leader in Big Data analytics for mobility, today launc... See more »
May 10, 2019StreetLight Data Youtube ChannelVideo

"2019 Customer Summit Highlights" on YOUTUBE

April 2, 2019StreetLight Data Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Learn How Your City Can Reduce Cut-Through Traffic" on VIMEO

Navigational systems are encouraging cut-through traffic, but our webinar can help you get those vehi... See more »
March 27, 2019StreetLight Data Vimeo ChannelVideo

"Introducing StreetLight AADT 2018" on VIMEO

Discover how we incorporate data from 2,500+ permanent count locations, advanced machine learning tec... See more »
March 23, 2019StreetLight Data Vimeo ChannelVideo

"How to use on-demand Bike & Pedestrian metrics for Active Transportation decisions" on VIMEO

Discover how we use big data to help you identify where active transportation happens most, target wh... See more »
March 7, 2019Civil Structural EngineerNews

New Annual Average Daily Traffic for 2018 Available Now

StreetLight Data, Inc. launched Annual Average Daily Traffic for 2018 on the StreetLight InSight plat... See more »
January 30, 2019StreetLight Data Youtube ChannelVideo

"StreetLight Data | Bike and Pedestrian Analytics" on YOUTUBE

January 15, 2019Civil Structural EngineerNews

StreetLight Data adds ability to measure bike, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic

StreetLight Data, Inc., a provider of big data analytics for mobility, debuted an industry-first with... See more »
January 13, 2019StreetLight Data Youtube ChannelVideo

"StreetLight Data | Big Data for Mobility (CC)" on YOUTUBE

January 9, 2019StreetLight Data Youtube ChannelVideo

"StreetLight Basic Training | Unit 3 - Creating Zones" on YOUTUBE

January 7, 2019StreetLight Data Youtube ChannelVideo

"StreetLight Data | Big Data for Mobility" on YOUTUBE

December 11, 2018StreetLight Data Youtube ChannelVideo

"StreetLight InSight®: All About the O-D Scanner" on YOUTUBE

October 10, 2017PRWebPress Release

Minnesota Department of Transportation Taps StreetLight Data to Bring New Traffic Intelligence to Everything From The Super Bowl to The Minnesota State Fair

StreetLight Data, Inc., the mobility analytics company that brings real-world travel patterns to ligh... See more »
June 5, 2017Press Release RocketPress Release

StreetLight Data Advances Traffic Measurement Technology to Improve Private and Public Development Projects of All Kinds

StreetLight Data, Inc., announces a technology breakthrough for planning and development that redefin... See more »
August 14, 2016Press Release RocketPress Release

StreetLight Data to Transform Transportation Infrastructure Planning with New Online Tool

Transportation experts can analyze unlimited mobility data cost-effectively with StreetLight InSight®... See more »
August 7, 2014PRWEBPress Release

StreetLight Data Publishes First Annual "Mall Shopper Mobility Report", Revealing Key Patterns About Where People Go When They Go Shopping

StreetLight Data announces the publication of its first annual "Mall Shopper Mobility Report" that sh... See more »
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