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October 26, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

Heads up! Easy Apache 3 end of life looming

cPanel has set an end of life date for Easy Apache 3.  After December 31, 2018, EA3 will no longer be... See more »
October 26, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

Switching from Easy Apache 3 to Easy Apache 4

So you’re ready to make the switch from EA3 to EA4.  Well it’s typically a pretty painles... See more »
September 25, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

Sender Verify Fail

If you are seeing errors like this: sender verify fail for [email protected]: The mail server could no... See more »
September 4, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

cPanel redirects not redirecting

If you have setup a redirect using the Redirects icon in cPanel, it may not always work. The reason ... See more »
August 17, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

MySQL database exists on the server, but does not show up in the cPanel

This has been rare, but I have seen it a few times lately. A customer asked why their database was m... See more »
July 31, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

Whitelist an IP address in fail2ban

If you need to whitelist an IP address in fail2ban, you can do so by following these simple steps. Ed... See more »
July 26, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

SMTP Mail wordpress plugin failing to connect

When using SMTP mail from the WordPress mail plugin, and it fails with an error like this: Connecti... See more »
June 12, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

How to register nameservers for .EU and .DE domains with Enom

.EU and .DE domains register their nameservers differently then most other domains. To do this, you ... See more »
June 6, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

Options FollowSymLinks and SymLinksIfOwnerMatch are both off, so the RewriteRule directive is also forbidden due to its similar ability to circumvent directory restrictions

If your server is set with both FollowSymLinks and SymLinksIfOwnerMatch off, then rewrite rules will ... See more »
May 31, 2017Server Sitters BlogBlog

Fixing permission on /tmp

If you have services that are not running, be sure one of the things you check are permissions on /tm... See more »
November 27, 2015PRWebPress Release

Conversational Secures $250K in Funding from Server Sitters

Conversational LLC, a virtual receptionist and virtual assistant service provider has secured an inve... See more »
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