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November 6, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

How to Use Technology for Amenities Management

As a real estate owner, manager, or investor, you more than likely understand how importa... See more »
October 29, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

Treasury Management for Real Estate

We’ve been hearing and working on a lot of treasury issues lately, so we recently surveye... See more »
October 22, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

Non-Traditional Data Sets to Help Real Estate Investors Budget Better During COVID-19

As the United States slowly begins to reopen the economy, it’s clear that the COVID-19 pa... See more »
September 21, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

Top 4 Yardi Tools You Should Be Using

It’s no surprise that our Yardi function blogs are some of our most viewed blogs. With al... See more »
September 14, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

Why You Should Do a Business Process Review Before Setting Next Year's Budget

You have to be able to see the total picture of your operations in order to identify both... See more »
August 24, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

Introduction to the Spreadsheet Server Ribbon

It’s no surprise that Excel and other query tools are an important part of day-to-day fun... See more »
August 19, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

Optimizing Your Property Management Software: Identify and Streamline

In my last post, I reviewed the steps needed to get started with a business process and m... See more »
August 13, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

How Real Estate Technology Helps Resident Acquisition and Communication

Acquiring and then retaining residents over the long term can be a headache for real esta... See more »
July 10, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

The UK Build to Rent Boom: How It Started and Where It’s Heading

Build to Rent (BTR) is a growing trend in the UK. Put simply, it refers to homes that are... See more »
July 9, 2020REdirect Consulting BlogBlog

Optimizing your Property Management Software: Process and Module Review

Property Management business processes touch many functional areas including leasing, ten... See more »
February 26, 2019FinanzNachrichtenNews

REdirect Consulting Announces International Expansion

NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- REdirect Consulting announced plans for international expansi... See more »
November 2, 2017REdirect Consulting Youtube ChannelVideo

"REdirect RPA Demo Lease Entry" on YOUTUBE

September 3, 2015REdirect Consulting Youtube ChannelVideo

"An Introduction to REdirect Consulting" on YOUTUBE

February 19, 2014PRWEBPress Release

REdirect Consulting and MRI Software Announce New Partnership

MRI Software has partnered with REdirect Consulting to deepen MRI’s breadth of professional service s... See more »
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