Perimeter 81 Articles

October 21, 2020BetanewsNews

Remote working hits productivity and revenue

The switch to remote working has left many organizations lagging in productivity and revenue due to t... See more »
October 20, 2020MarketScreenerNews

43% of IT Leaders Report Losing Revenue Due to Outdated Remote Access Solutions, Finds Perimeter 81 Report

( Organizations working from home are seeking new solutions to the scalability, se... See more »
October 13, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

5 Security Tips in Honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Each October, security professionals kick off Cybersecurity Awareness Month. First launched by the Na... See more »
October 12, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

A Day in the Life of a Security Incident Response Expert

Listen to this podcast on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you find your favorite audio content. In this e... See more »
October 8, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

Edge Security and Our Strengthening Data Center Backbone

The cloud is synonymous with data centers, making the term much more grounded than its airy nickname ... See more »
October 8, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

Can You Prove 'Work From Anywhere' Employees Are Secure?

Before 2020, the idea of working from anywhere wasn't the way most companies operated. A small number... See more »
October 5, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

Can Companies Afford IoT Inclusivity?

The Internet of Things grows more massive with each passing year, as devices gain internet connectivi... See more »
October 1, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

Programming Intent: IT Teams Take a Shortcut to Better Security

In today’s fast paced business world, organizations have been forced to become more proactive and fas... See more »
September 29, 2020Markets InsiderNews

Insight Partners backed cybersecurity startup Perimeter 81 in a $40 million funding round after seeing this pitch deck | Markets Insider

Perimeter 81 cofounders Sagi Gidali, CPO, and Amit Bareket, CEO Perimeter 81 Cybersecurity startup Pe... See more »
September 29, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

WireGuard: The New Gold Standard for Encryption

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of complexity on an average enterprise-level organization’s sec... See more »
September 24, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

Zero Trust Brings Shadow IT Into the Light

Shadow IT is an aptly-named phenomenon. It’s the notion that obscured in the shade of official inform... See more »
September 21, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

Fostering Digital Transformation One Nomad at a Time: How Both Organizations and Employees Benefit from Remote Work Strategies

Digital Nomad, a term coined twenty years ago by Hitachi executive Tsugio Makimoto in his book by the... See more »
September 17, 2020Perimeter 81 BlogBlog

Beyond The Perimeter Podcast, Episode 05: Why AppSec is Key for Your Dev Toolbox

Listen to this podcast on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you find your favorite audio content. In this e... See more »
June 16, 2020GlobesNews

Cybersecurity co Perimeter 81 raises funds at $100m valuation

Spring Ventures, which has a 8.9% stake in Perimeter81, has notified the TASE about the rise in valua... See more »
February 18, 2020MarketScreenerNews

Growing Cybersecurity Companies Select Matter for PR and Marketing Services

( Egress Software and Perimeter 81 Join the Integrated PR Agency's Cybersecurity I... See more »
February 13, 2020National Computrade NewsNews

Perimeter 81 Disrupts Traditional Network Security; Partners with SonicWall on New SASE Platform

Perimeter 81, a leading Zero Trust network provider for enterprises and organizations, announced a ne... See more »
November 27, 2019Infopoint-securityNews

SonicWall and Perimeter 81 sign OEM contract

SonicWall, a well-known security company that protects more than 1 million networks worldwide, announ... See more »
November 25, 2019HelpnetsecurityNews

Perimeter 81 raises $10M to expand its Network as a Service platform

Perimeter 81, a leading Zero Trust network provider for enterprises and organizations, announced a $1... See more »
November 21, 2019SiliconrepublicNews

Perimeter 81 announces $10m Series A funding and SonicWall partnership

Israel-based zero-trust cloud network provider Perimeter 81 has announced a $10m Series A funding rou... See more »
November 21, 2019CalcalistechNews

Secured Network Startup Perimeter 81 Raises $10 Million

Tel Aviv-based secured network startup Perimeter 81, registered as Safer Social Ltd., has raised a $1... See more »
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