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November 16, 2020Ozean Media BlogBlog

2020 Electoral College Contest Results

Ozean Media and Meer Research recently sponsored a contest asking people to predict the Electoral Col... See more »
October 29, 2020Ozean Media BlogBlog

Election 2020 – Alachua Style

Was asked a question, “What precincts are you watching closely for Election Night in Alachua?&#... See more »
October 1, 2020Ozean Media BlogBlog

Win $250 – you pick em! Electoral College Contest

The Meer Research Electoral Prediction contest is now open. You can make your predictions by clicking... See more »
February 1, 2020Ozean Media BlogBlog

POTUS IMPEACHMENT – More Research Needed

Interesting test this week with Meer Research in regard’s to the impeachment of President Donal... See more »
January 23, 2020Ozean Media BlogBlog

Florida Voter File - Churn

Some weekend projects start with a simple question, this past weekend was no different. "How much chu... See more »
August 20, 2019Ozean Media BlogBlog

Scandal in politics - where is the line?

I have written about political scandal before, but that research seems outdated in today's political ... See more »
August 6, 2019Ozean Media BlogBlog

Florida GOP is Winning the Voter Registration Battle

Statewide elections in Florida are among the most competitive and hotly contested elections in the Un... See more »
April 9, 2019Ozean Media BlogBlog

OPINION: Alex Patton: Tallahassee swamp trying to silence citizens

This op-ed originally appeared in the Gainesville Sun on 4/9/2019. When it comes to swamps, Washingto... See more »
October 12, 2018Ozean Media BlogBlog

Hurricane Michael Disproportionately Hurts Republicans

Interesting read this morning USA TODAY: Hurricane Michael leaves path of destruction in Florida cou... See more »
August 22, 2018Ozean Media BlogBlog

Quick Question: Is there a correlation between primary turnout and general election turnout in Florida?

Great question via twitter this morning - is there a correlation between primary election turnout and... See more »
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