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December 13, 2019Equity BullsNews

Prabhat Technologies launches parenteral control mobile application

Prabhat Technologies launches parenteral control mobile application...... See more »
December 20, 2018Nischint BlogBlog

What parents need to know about Dangerous Video Live streaming App: The LiveMe app

When it comes to monitoring child online or monitoring their social media we feel it as half the batt... See more »
November 30, 2018Nischint BlogBlog

PUBG Game Addiction are more like drug addiction & how parents can protect their kids

What is PUBG? PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a shooting online multiplayer battle royale gam... See more »
August 3, 2018Nischint BlogBlog

Parental Alert ! Sex traffickers are using Social Media to target teens & children

Parents go to great extent to keep their children safe, but one of the greatest threats is within the... See more »
June 22, 2018Nischint BlogBlog

How safe is Snapmap or Snapchat Maps feature for kids

Is Snapchat Map or Snap Map safe for children? As with any technology, device, platform, or service, ... See more »
May 18, 2018Nischint BlogBlog

How parents can Protect their kids Online to avoid Swatting Game

Prank calls are harmless that is something on which most of us will agree, but, is it really harmless... See more »
April 4, 2018Nischint BlogBlog

Is a Safe App for children & What Parents Need to Know about Musically

What is Musical ly is a free social media app that allows you to create, watch and share ... See more »
July 26, 2017Nischint BlogBlog

Summer Internet Usage Rules for Kids

Its summer time. The kids are out of school and they need things to do. In your mind you're thinking ... See more »
July 26, 2017Nischint BlogBlog

Summer Internet Usage Rules for Kids- Are you following them?

Its summer time. The kids are out of school and you are worried about their internet usage. In your ... See more »
April 5, 2017Nischint BlogBlog

How To Keep Your Children Safe From Social Media Dangers

Today's kids are more socialmedia savvy than ever. Six-year-old children are as digitally advanced to... See more »
March 23, 2017Nischint BlogBlog

Top 7 Secret Messaging Apps Teens That Parents Should Know

Communicating with friends via mobile devices has come a long way since text messaging. It now includ... See more »

Nischint Solutions launches kids safety mobile app in Telangana

Nischint Solutions, a Kolkata-based technology startup, launched a children's safety mobile app with ... See more »
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