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Breaking into a gentle Trot on a road trip in Busan

Trot is a popular, highly sentimental form of Korean music, sometimes described as the unofficial sou... See more »
July 29, 2021The Moodie Report BlogBlog

Rain and shine, a room indoors and edging towards a revival

Our gathering evoked the value of the relationships that so many of us in the industry have forged ov... See more »
July 29, 2021The Moodie Report BlogBlog

How Simone Biles faced - and defeated - the kaiju once more

This was a gold medal-wining display of courage from a brilliant athlete, a role model to millions of... See more »
July 23, 2021The Moodie Report BlogBlog

Kicking Hexapentakis Truncated Icosahedron where it deserves to be kicked

While the team the Kiwis have curiously dubbed the OlyWhites has made the front pages of the New Zeal... See more »
July 21, 2021The Moodie Report BlogBlog

Cheered up by Writers' Tears and a visit to the D'oC

We may have become the first people in the world to drink Writers' Tears accompanied by peanut butter... See more »
July 20, 2021The Moodie Report BlogBlog

Out in the jungle while a mad Zookeeper runs amok

"We did our makeup to hang out and did not want to ruin it. Sweat and makeup is not a good combinatio... See more »
July 15, 2021The Moodie Report BlogBlog

A free man in Busan but staying away from trains

We're all on a kind of Train to Busan. That foul spreading monster called COVID-19 is of course the z... See more »
July 14, 2021The Moodie Report BlogBlog

Maintaining caution in Korea, becoming dumb & dumber in the UK

I've had so many sticks poked up my nostrils in recent weeks I'm starting to feel like Harry Dunne (J... See more »
July 13, 2021The Moodie Report BlogBlog

Passion, pride and purpose at Hamad International Airport

Visiting Hamad International Airport and Qatar Duty Free is like taking an elixir for those COVID blu... See more »
July 11, 2021The Moodie Report BlogBlog

From inconclusively negative in London to conclusively upbeat in Qatar

Checking in is not as simple a process at it was in those halcyon pre-COVID days. PCR test results ne... See more »
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