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January 19, 2020Monterail BlogBlog

Six Famous Companies Using Elixir—And Why They Made the Switch

Elixir is a functional and dynamic programming language first released in 2011, so it’s s... See more »
January 16, 2020Monterail BlogBlog

Hi!5 at Monterail—Employee Sabbatical Leave Stories

Since the introduction of the institution of sabbatical leave at Monterail, a paid month-... See more »
January 10, 2020Monterail BlogBlog

Is Flutter the Future of Mobile Development?—Flutter vs React Native in 2020

What is Flutter? How is it different from React Native? Is it a good choice for MVP (Mini... See more »
December 23, 2019Monterail BlogBlog

In-House Team vs. Freelancers vs. Software Development Company—Three Approaches to Building Your Product

Let’s say you’ve got a great idea for a product, but aren’t sure how to go about developi... See more »
December 20, 2019Monterail BlogBlog

Client Stories: Cooleaf—from Startup To Profitable HR Tech For Enterprises

In many organizations, HR is viewed as a cost center rather than a strategic part of the ... See more »
December 12, 2019Monterail BlogBlog

Is Python Slow?

Python is well known to be one of the most useful programming languages. You can do almos... See more »
December 11, 2019Monterail BlogBlog

HR Tech Expert Series: The Global Ecosystem—Interview with Enrique Rubio

The global HR tech market is booming and further growth is predicted by experts. With a s... See more »
December 9, 2019Monterail BlogBlog

Why Use Python for Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is currently one of the hottest topics in the industry and companies hav... See more »
December 5, 2019Monterail BlogBlog

Ruby on Rails FAQ—What You Need to Know to Choose Right

To build a Web application that effortlessly serves your target audience, you have to mak... See more »
November 22, 2019Monterail BlogBlog

HR Tech Opinion Leaders to Follow in 2020—Europe and Beyond

As HR tech gains momentum, the amount of online information covering the topic seems to g... See more »
February 20, 2018Monterail Youtube ChannelVideo

"Girls in IT: Quality assurance" on YOUTUBE

February 19, 2018Monterail Youtube ChannelVideo

"Girls in IT: Quality Assurance" on YOUTUBE

February 6, 2018Monterail Youtube ChannelVideo

"Monterail Academy Design" on YOUTUBE

December 23, 2017Monterail Youtube ChannelVideo

"Ultimate Christmas Song 2" on YOUTUBE

December 8, 2017Monterail Youtube ChannelVideo

"UX Wrocław - trzynaste spotkanie" on YOUTUBE

November 8, 2017Monterail Youtube ChannelVideo

"Monterail Academy Vue.js" on YOUTUBE

October 18, 2017Monterail Youtube ChannelVideo

"Girls in IT FE/BE Development @Monterail" on YOUTUBE

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